Friday, 10 October 2008


What a day - I'm so pleased it's Friday. It's been a loooonnnnng week.
Just watching Gav cook my tea, which is both very amusing and very sweet at the same time.

I'm getting stuck in to my new book and have lots of other things I need to get done too, can't wait for a very creative weekend.

Treated myself to a new skirt today, bargain at £5 and it's so cute - can't wait to wear it.

Next week is a very busy one with workshops, plays, theatre and it ends next weekend where I'll be dressed as a Pumpkin (don't ask!) And what a shame someone stole my camera, so there won't be any photographic evidence!


Barrie said...

How about a disposable camera? Just for the pumpking pic?!

Sally Lawton said...

Maybe! :-) I know I'm never going to live this one down!

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