Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Part Time Dream

I have nothing of interest to say about my week. Nothing. Which it pretty sad. The only highlight was another fun Tuesday night with Roni and Scott at the Salford Arts Theatre.

Apart from that, I'm back at my old day job, back to feeling frustrated about life and back to planning things so that I can give up the day job!

Things in the pipeline for 2009 are a mini tour with my play, a festival tour and a schools tour. So maybe, maybe 2009 will be my year to start living the full dream and not the part time one!


Phillipa said...

Hmm. Giving up the day job? Not easy for any of us...

Sally Lawton said...

No, I know - it's a lovely dream though. But hoping my plays will start to bring in a nice income next year - we'll see!

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