Thursday, 9 October 2008

Oh, I see...

It seems, that we are the only ones without TV. Everyone else is sat in their cosy apartments, channel hopping... it seems during the TV meltdown event, our freeview box broke in the process!

Things I was going to do this evening:

- Join an urban dance hip-hop dance class.
(On reflection, I gave up dancing 8 years ago and think this type of class is not the way to ease back in to it gently).

-Have a HUGE bubble bath, with loads of bubbles.
(Might still happen).

- Look at funding applications for my 2009 tour.
(Oooh, it's been a LONG day and my brain can't cope with things like that tonight).

Well I'm actually having a Sally night. Mr Sally has just gone home and Gav is hanging out with a neighbour.
I'm logging off and writing, writing, writing...



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