Monday, 20 October 2008

The Odd Couple

I met a fantastic couple last week. OK, being cornered by them in a pub for about an hour and listening to the rubbish they both spouted. (He was a right plonker and she was a little strange), anyway, on reflection - they are perfect characters for a play and I swear I'm going to pop them in my next one.
I never usually do that, put real people in to my writing - obviously I take elements of people and personalities that have passed by throughout the years - but I've never just put real people in, but they're too good not to use.
I'll keep you posted.

I just want to wish my lovely friend Paul Newbery GOOD LUCK for Wednesday. He's giving a talk at the BBC at a networking night, so it will be bursting full of important people and the fact he's been asked to give a talk about his acting etc is such a compliment to him and all his hard work.
He did want me to go and support him, but I left it too late to get my ticket and now it's sold out. I'm absolutely gutted to be missing his talk, but just want him to know that I'm incredibly proud of him and I'll be thinking of him all Wednesday night.

I'm just finishing my opening pages for I'M JEFF my new comedy that I've got to hand in by Wednesday and I'm also still taking time with my synopsis and thanks to Nell I feel more confident about it. (Thanks to Barrie too for her lovely offer of help), really appreciate your support.


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