Sunday, 5 October 2008


I've parted ways with my literary agent this week. It's fine and I'm thankful to have some really great feedback and encouragement, not just from him, but from a couple of other industry types this week.

It's been suggested that I write something a bit darker, with a bit of edge, keeping my comedy too. I've spent days pondering, re-reading the feedback, doodling, thinking, staring out of windows in to the rain, pondering some more - not to mention at least five bubble baths where more pondering took place and then...
an idea hit me, when I wasn't even thinking of anything, whilst I was waiting to meet a friend and I grabbed my notepad and scribbled down the prologue. I really like it and it's really different to anything I've written before. I'm not going to rush it because this one feels really special and I want to get it right. Keep you posted.

There are some horrible people in this world. Gav and I had new beds delivered the other week when we were both out and now my digital camera is missing. They also took the case my ipod came in, thankfully the ipod was in my bag and it's just the charger that's gone. I'm so, so angry and upset though. I loved the camera so much. My dad gave it to me, only a few months ago as he knew I was desperate for one and couldn't really afford one, so he gave me his as he upgraded to a new one. I loved it, took it everywhere and I'm just sad it's gone.
I had to go to the Police station to report it stolen, they don't expect that I'll get it back, and I don't suppose I will.
My laptop was in the hallway though as we had no idea they were coming round, so thank God they didn't take that.
I noticed that books on my book shelf had been moved. I noticed it straight away when I came back that night, I put it down to them bumping the shelf when they brought the beds in, but now I'm not sure. I just feel a bit sick and horrible about the whole thing.

Oh well, just another one of life's lessons.


frank said...

It should be obvious to the police who took the camera...find out from the employer of the delivery men who they were.

I'll take your agent. I need one over there.. ha ha.

Janice Okoh said...

That's horrible. Who let them in in the first place? The landlord?

Sally Lawton said...

Hi guys, the lettings agency let them in and they are doing a big investigation. It's rubbish though.
Doesn't look like I'll get my camera back. I'm just waiting to see how they deal with it.

Barrie said...

I've heard from two people recently who switched agents and are very very happy. And, yuck, about the camera. That's horrible.

Sally Lawton said...

I'm seeing the agent thing as a positive move. It's not felt right since my agent left the company and I was handed over to someone else. So fingers crossed things will work out.
Yeah, the camera thing is rubbish - there are some horrible people in this world.

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