Thursday, 9 October 2008

Fringe Factor

The TV is still not working, something has happened to the whole block of flats and after three days, it seems it's a rather tough job to fix. It's been quite nice, back to talking, reading and chilling out. I won't be this nice about it if it's not fixed in time for X-Factor on Saturday though!

I've got heaps and heaps of workshops and creative things coming up, my diary is full, so I can't wait and Mr Sally is scraping pennies together to try and take me on a sunshine break in November, well I think I deserve one after this year ;-) We'll have to see though, because I'm really busy from now until Christmas and I can't afford to take too much time off work, but a little week somewhere sunny would be lovely.

I've just booked a hair appointment for Saturday and friend who works at the salon is going to cut it. Eeek! All we do when I go there is gossip, so fingers crossed he concentrates on my hair. I've asked him to give me a fringe and layers.
My friends roll their eyes when I tell them I'm getting a fringe - because whenever I get one, I usually grow it out straight away. I only ever really liked the first fringe I got done about 5 years ago. But that could be due to the fact the guy that cut it was beautiful, gave me loads of wine and told me the fringe would make me look beautiful. I realised he was the manager, but the fringe was great. Since then nobody has managed to cut it the same, the last time I had a fringe the guy made me run my fingers through my hair and yelled at me to, 'Touch it, feel it.' I got very scared!
Anyway, I've been going to the same salon for years now and my friend works there so I get discount, I've just never had him cut my hair before. So fingers crossed! I'll post a photo (damn, just realised I can't because my camera has been stolen, damn, I'll try and take one off my phone!)


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