Saturday, 11 October 2008


Well, it's done. I have a fringe. Cut by my friend for the first time. Eek. He convinced me to layer it, even though I like a subtle cut and after combing all of my hair in front of my face and declaring, 'That's much better!' Oh yes, ha-ha! He gave me a nice head massage/wash thing. We gossiped - gossiped - gossiped. I watched him through the mirror dancing to music on the stereo with scissors in his hand. I watched a LOT of my hair fall on to the floor, even though he promised I hadn't lost the length. And the verdict?

It's OK. I like the fringe. He's gone a bit scissor happy with the layers and although it's a lovely cut, it'll just take me time to get used to it. It feels a lot shorter than it is, and that's because of the layers.
I like the fringe though, it makes my eyes look bigger - so I'm keeping it.

Other news - I can't watch the X-Factor tonight. Grrr. I was going to buy a new digi-box thing and just as I was about to get one, Mr Sally called and said two people at his work have ones they don't need anymore and they'll bring them in tomorrow, if I can just hang on a day.
Even I'm not stupid enough to put X-Factor before a few pounds and I know it'll be repeated a million times before next week, it's just... well I love that part of my Saturday night.

Time for me to snuggle down and do a spot of reading.


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