Thursday, 11 September 2008

Almost- But Not Quite!

OK, it's coming! I've almost got Broadband sorted at home... Oooh, I've missed you all. There are times where I think 'I must blog about that...' and then obviously can't get online and then when I do, something else has happened - blah, blah, blah!

All is good. Gav and I are feeling settled at the flat. It's such a lovely flat - it's so calm as well and very stylish in black and white. We love it. And Gav kindly let me have the BIG bedroom with the en suite - Oooh, I've never had a room so big. I have 2 huge wardrobes and so much space that I could have the whole cast of Starlight Express performing a roller skate finale and there would still be room to walk through - OK, slightly dramatic, but it is HUGE! And we have a HUGE hallway - where both my bookcases - full of books give it that homely feel as soon as we walk in!

Writing is going swimmingly - I've just finished writing my latest play CAMP 360 - for Blueberry Youth theatre. It's set in a Brat Camp for teenagers, and I'm chuffed to bits with it and hope the theatre and the kids love it.

My job is BRILLIANT. I work for a theatre marketing company and I'm busy updating 3 websites - promoting theatre shows etc. I've been asked to cover for a month and don't want to leave, I love it so much. I'm hoping they'll keep me - either that or I'm prepared to chain myself to the desk.

Other news - I finished reading JUST SAY YES - by Phillipa Ashley and it was FAB - so FAB that I actually stayed up half the night to finish it!

Err, that's all for now.

But there will be more, more, more soon!


Phillipa said...

Great news about the new job Sally and I really hope they keep you on. And thanks for the thumbs up on JSY.

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