Tuesday, 5 August 2008


I did it, I got my first 5* review, which I will post as soon as I can.  I'm so chuffed.  We also got a fab review from the Nothing Chronicle website as well, which again I'll post when I can.

Last night my brother Gav and I went to Chorlton to my favourite bar, the Iguana Bar to watch some stand-up.  It was such a great night and I'm tempted to get back in to stand-up.  I need a bit of a break from things first, but I'm thinking in a couple of months maybe?!

My house is a mad house at the moment.  My housemate Lou has her family over and of course I have Gav staying until he gets himself sorted.  The house is full of life and laughter, which is nice.  The place is never dull.

I'm working on my play for the youth theatre this afternoon and I'm looking forward to putting pen to paper again as it's been a while.

That's about it for now.  I'm very tired and looking forward to a fun afternoon!


liz fenwick said...

Well done. I'm so pleased for you!

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