Thursday, 14 August 2008


Here is my first 5* Review! I'm chuffed to bits with it, especially as this play was written in such a difficult time for me - I'm thankful to everyone who made me get a grip and write the thing and I'm proud of everyone who worked so hard to make it a success!!

Review of Battered Egos

"Comedy Talent at its best"by Stephen Bailey for remotegoat on 01/08/08

As my guest and I walked into the tiny Salford theatre, I had no idea what to expect from this play brought to us by local talent. The show was brought to us by talented writer Sally Lawton, who wrote and acted in the show.
Sitting down in my seat, I looked around to see how much potential the theatre had and how much it could nurture talent, allow people to grow and succeed in life, so when I discovered that 'Battered Egos' was commissioned for the Royal Court Theatre, Bacup, I knew this the performances were going to be special.
The show started and straight away I was laughing, as it was definitely making use of every northern stereotype. Main character Janet Worthington lost her mum at an early age and growing up with her father, helping him run the 'chippy' never got the chance to dream; that is until she met new chip shop employee Destiny. Destiny spelt trouble as she convinced Janet to spend the deposit (or her fiances deposit) for a flat on getting an 'agent' Carlos. As with many shows it was not that simple, there cannot be a happy ending until there has been some heartache, after trusting her new 'friend' Janet gave her money to Carlos who promised her big things. Carlos or in reality Carl and Destiny ran off with the money, Janet was dumped, and her father accused her of spending all her money on snorting 'cola'.
Fortunately Janet after losing everything held onto something, or as I should say someone very special, Tracey, her outlandish, wacky, colleague who helped her to double cross Carl and get her money back. Later boyfriend Dave proposed and her Dad encouraged her to live her dreams.

Although the storyline was predictable, the humour was not. It was well thought out. Not only was the humour unpredictable but so was the standard of acting, every single person on that stage deserves to go so far in their careers, all keen, enthusiastic and natural. I found myself crying with laughter by the end of the performance with the great comedy that was on stage.

The stars of the night were definitely Sally Lawton, who cannot only write and act but runs her own production company, TSL Productions, a true star and also our heroine of the evening, University of Salford graduate, Kerry Spillane who played Janet. Kerry has the knack for comedy performances and will go far in that niche.
After a long week at work this show is exactly what the doctored ordered and if Salford Arts Theatre can produce more shows like that it will survive. The night was a true success and an enjoyable evening out.


Alyssa Goodnight said...

Hooray! That's awesome, Sally! Congratulations--that must feel great to have seen the show all the way from script to stage!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Alyssa, Yeah - I feel very proud now that I've had chance to catch my breath and reflect back! x

Barrie said...


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