Monday, 4 August 2008


BATTERED EGOS came and went in the blink of an eye.  Roni and Scott at the Salford Arts Theatre helped me so much and I'm so grateful to them.  As well as trusting me with keys so that I could rehearse when I needed to, they also built me a fantastic set and did all of my lights and sound. They are truly wonderful and I hope all of you Manchester-folk reading this blog support their beautiful theatre - they have loads going on - check out their site.
The audience feedback from the play has been really positive and I think we even got a 5* review, which I need to track down!  Lots of people have asked if I'll turn the play in to a musical, maybe one day - but for now I'd like to take it on a mini tour next year!  (Photos coming!)

My brother has moved, finally!  I'm trying to make him feel settled and we're just out shopping at the moment (yes, you've guessed it - we're back in the apple store!)  Tonight I'm taking him to watch some comedy.
The (Ex?) Mr Sally and I are doing OK.  We've just met him for some lunch and he's making a HUGE effort to get things right this time, and he met up with my parents this weekend, the first time since the split - it seemed to go OK, although I wouldn't really know as I was busy being a thespian!! 

I will be back online early next week at the latest.
Got to go - Primark calls for a few household items for my bro and then I've got to get cracking on the play for the Salford Arts Theatre's youth theatre, who are a great bunch of kids and I'm excited to be writing for them.


Phillipa said...

Glad things are going so much better for you, Sally.

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