Monday, 16 June 2008


I feel sorry for you readers of this blog - it's been a bit of a miserable time over here lately and it's time I put a stop to it!
I've stopped dwelling on the past, stopped with the million and one thoughts about things, stopped feeling sick and miserable and ill...
My socks are well and truly pulled up and I even listened to my whole Whitney Houston Love Songs CD and didn't cry or feel sad once! Woo-hoo!
So yes, I promise to stop being miserable, I've far too much happening!

Just had the very first rehearsal for the play tonight. I only needed Mark and Paul to do their scene and they were brilliant, as I had every faith they would be.
I need to re-cast as one person dropped out and then the other person I cast didn't show up (grrr) so hopefully I've found a replacement, just waiting to hear back off this person. It's all bloomin go!

I'm looking for a bar job in the evenings, because I've got to get to Vietnam this summer - that's my goal and it's really nice to have something to work and save for.

I went to the cinema to watch Sex and the City yesterday. Had such a fab girly day and the film just ended the day perfectly. I won't spoil it, but there was one moment in the film where I shouted 'NO!' really loud. I was so shocked, anyway I'll stop talking about it or I'll give the plot away. Someone told me not to see it as I probably wouldn't be in a fit state to watch something like that, about relationships and things at the moment! There was no way I was not going to watch it. And that person was talking utter rubbish because the film makes you believe in love, happy ever after and makes you believe no matter what, you'll be OK. I came out of the cinema feeling really happy and positive and in need of a cocktail and a cocktail dress to go with it!
The only thing that bugged me, as much as I love Carrie and her wardrobe... would anyone really ever wear beads to bed?
But anyway, I totally loved it.

Sorry for the misery... it's all in the past - PROMISE x


Amanda Ashby said...

Yes, I thought the beads in bed was overkill as well, but I did love the movie. Charlotte was particularly hysterical!!!!

Nell said...

Hug. I haven't seen the film, I want to go see Indiana Jones instead.

Lucy Diamond said...

I loved it too. I want to move to Manhattan now and wear beads in bed!
Glad you are feeling happier. That Whitney-not-crying thing is always a good milestone to pass!

frank said...

I have not watched even one episode of Sex In The City. And! I have never had sex in the City (New York) -- oh wait- there WAS that one time on the upper East Side. So yes I have had sex in the City, but it wasn't with any of those ladies.

PS. Wait! I remember a second time down on Ave A at Alt.Cafe.... cool place, sort of a cross between an Internet cafe and the coffee shop on Friends... but the sex was in my car on the street---

So just those two times.

Wait! There was a third...... jeesh I can go on and on all day....

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Amanda, Oooh - Charolotte had some great moments in the film!

Hi Nell... Noooo - you have to see SATC. I've heard Indiana Jones isn't that great, let me know though :-)

Thanks Lucy for your nice message :-) You can always count on Whitney!

Frank, I swear you're so funny, you actually make me pee :-)

Barrie said...

Actually, Sally, I think you've been pretty stoic. :)

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