Sunday, 1 June 2008


My writers block has GONE!!!!

Finally! Even though I posted about getting my mojo back the other week, I still didn't sit down and write anything. I did start to worry myself sick as this has never happened to me before, ever.
I had a chat to my mum tonight and she made me feel better. She just pointed out that I have had a very stressful and draining month, both emotionally and mentally. I told her that I've been sleeping in on days off until 11:30am, which isn't like me at all, I'm usually up so early. She said there's no wonder I've not been able to write a thing, my body and brain just needs time to calm down and relax.

And she was right, I suppose.

Anyway, tonight I have written. I have another scene to the play, quite a long scene. I'll revise it tomorrow, but for the minute I'm happy with it. Something is better than nothing.
I feel like I've broken the spell now... onwards and upwards!


Jack Burston said...

Saw a link on the 'Manchizzle' blog-thing. Thought I'd click - nice work beating the block.

Good luck with the play. Hope the 'constant use of the 'return' key blues' don't hit you whilst writing the script.


Sally Lawton said...

Hi Jack.

Ah, thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment :-)

I'll be sure to stop by your once I've written the damn play!

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