Tuesday, 10 June 2008


I feel like I've missed a week. I know I was ill last week and was in some sort of a daze, but flippin heck.
My friend text me last night checking we were still meeting for drinks and a gossip after work today, which I actually thought was for next week.
Then my other friend asked me if I was going home this weekend as it's Fathers Day on Sunday. 'This Sunday?'
I honestly thought it was next.

Then in work today it hit me that my friend from Vancouver, who I've not seen for 4 years is on her honeymoon over here and that I have planned to meet her and her new hubby this Friday, when in my head it was next Friday.
Sorry if none of this makes any sense, but I've spent the day a little confused.

But all is OK. I met my friend for a drink, my dad is coming up in a couple of weeks with my mum and we'll have a belated Fathers Day and I'm keeping Friday free to meet the honeymooners!

Is anyone watching Big Brother? I'm hooked. Yep, well and truly sucked right in. My flatmate Louise is trying to convince me to audition for next years, but no way. I don't think I could ever do it.

Anyway, must crack on with the play.


Rebecca said...

NOTHING compares to the UK version of Big Brother. I hope it is still one when I am there in July.

Sally Lawton said...

Oooh, yes... it's on until September! I love it :-)

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