Sunday, 1 June 2008

By George...

After having a lovely family day yesterday. My mum, dad and brother came for a visit, then we went on to a family party which was lovely. They dropped me off home just in time for the results of Britain's Got Talent.
My flatmate Carl and I decided to choose our favourite to win. I said George, he said Signature. We were really excited when both of them got down to the final two, but I have to say - when George's name got called out, I shed a few tears.
If you don't know his story, this little boy dances on the streets of Manchester (I've seen him a few times) and he does it to raise money to pay for his dance lessons as his mum can't afford them.
He got knocked out of the competition last year, just before the semi finals and this year he came back - a bit older, wiser and with sheer determination to win.
He did the most amazing dance to Singing In The Rain.
He just goes to show, if you put your mind to something and never give up - dreams can come true. What an inspiration!


frank said...

All this talent-

I couldn't even win a My House Has Got Talent show!

Janice Okoh said...

I too watched Britain's Got Talent last night and loved it. I'm happy the dancer won. I thought Faryl would win as she was amazing. There was so much talent this year and this was the first time I tuned in. Loved Signature. A class Act. Loved the Violin players. Top Entertainment that's for sure. Is your alter ego entering next year?

Janice Okoh said...

p.s. been meaning to ask. How do you do that barometer thing at the top of your page?

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Frank!! :-) Oooh, I bet you could. Hope the writing is coming along :-)

Hi Janice,
Erm there are a few different ones, but the one I use is Zokutou Word Meter. Go to:
It talks you through it and gives you a code which you paste in to your blog. If you get stuck let me know! :-)

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