Monday, 9 June 2008

Better... just!

I can't tell you how ill I've been over the past few days, oh go on then, I can! I've been very, very poorly. It started off as a cold, then I got a cough and the cough settled on my chest. I had a couple of days off work, and then on Friday I went in and my boss sent me home. I must have been ill as I went straight to bed and slept solidly for hours.

I've managed to do my leafleting jobs as no matter how ill I've felt, I still need savings for the summer! So I worked Friday night (don't know how!) And I did Saturday afternoon and evening!
I felt slightly better on Saturday and so I went out in the evening for drinks with my friends and had a great night and had a BBQ yesterday which was fun.
I had to cancel the read-through of my play tonight, which I hate doing. But with me being so ill, I still need a bit longer to work on the play. I hate doing it and know it's unfair on the actors, but it's full steam ahead Thursday onwards.


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