Wednesday, 4 June 2008


I'm ill. Full of a cold and feeling sorry for myself. I hate being ill!
My lovely flatmate Carl has been looking after me with good meals - hot drinks and tonight he's bought Little Miss Sunshine and we're on the red wine (what? It's supposed to be good for you!) and we're watching the film with some nice food. Hopefully Lou will be home at 9:00 to join us for a fun night!

Production meeting for the play went well, we got loads sorted. Paul has now dropped out. It's his twin brother's graduation on the Friday of the play and he didn't realise! Anyway, I've thankfully managed to re-cast and found a great guy called Tom, he was supposed to be in my play last year, but ended up going to America with his own play, so it'll be nice to finally get to work with him!

That's all for now from the Sally Camp!!
More soon x


Phillipa said...

Whew - you have got a lot going on. Litte Miss Sunshine is a brilliant film isn't it? (I'm assuming you saw it and didn't just drink the wine!)

Sally Lawton said...

:) Yes, I managed to watch the film! Little Miss Sunshine is brilliant, I loved it so much. It brought a much needed smile to my face x

frank said...

Hey get well!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Frank :-)

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