Monday, 19 May 2008

Writer In Residence

My new position as writer in residence at the Salford Arts Theatre means as far as I can gather from the conversation I had on Saturday (I'm having a proper meeting with them on Thu), that I'll write and produce one play a year for them, one play a year for their youth theatre and anything else I want to write.

I'll know more details on Thu, but I'm very, very excited.

I saw lots of stand-up characters on Saturday and it made me miss doing stand-up... so I've decided to bring back my much missed character...

I'm busy writing new material for the much loved stage door groupie and will hopefully do something with her in a few months!


Phill Barron said...

That is very cool - well done.

Barrie said...

Oh, please please put some Lydia Mould up on your blog! Congrats again!

Lucy Diamond said...

How fab!!! Well done you. Lydia Mould looks brilliant.
Glad things are looking up. x

Rebecca said...

Awesome. Does this mean they will also pay you? Very cool either way.

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks for your really nice comments everyone.
Barrie: I'll get a Lydia clip posted up asap!
Rebecca: We've worked out a really great deal with the writing and payment, very excited and happy!


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