Tuesday, 27 May 2008


Today has been LOOONNNGGGG!

I've had two meetings at two agencies for freelance work. One was a flyering company that offer promotional jobs handing out leaflets on shows and things.
The other was for bar/waitress jobs.

You wouldn't believe the forms I had to fill out for the bar/waitress jobs... my God - I was there for almost an hour trying to answer questions on silver service and other things I had no clue about. I actually have to go for waitress training??!!
Anyway, the woman seems to think I will get loads of bar jobs offered, and I'll just freelance all over the City, which should be fun.

The reason I'm doing this is because of the summer hols. I'm saving very, very hard so that I can go to Vietnam and visit my friend Dan, who's out there for 6 months working as a volunteer in a hospital. The beach looks stunning and I'm very excited. So every single penny I make from my extra freelance jobs is going towards my fun, fun, fun summer!


Janice Okoh said...

Lucky you! I've had friends who have been to Vietnam and have told me how good it's been. It's a place I want to visit too. Take loads of pictures.

Barrie said...

Sally, I just never know what you'll get up to next! ;)

Nell said...

sounds like a fab plan!

Phillipa said...

Good luck with the job hunt - and Vietnam sounds so exciting. :)

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Janice, I'll be sure to take loads of photos! It does look gorgeous!

Hi Barrie! :-) I know, it's never dull is it!!

Hi Nell, hopefully it'll be fun. I start my leaflet job today!!

Thanks Phillipa, I'm very excited about Vietnam :-)

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