Friday, 9 May 2008

New Start

Sorry I've been away for a bit. It's been a manic week, but a good week. My friends have really reminded me why they are my friends and why I love them, my family too.

I turned 28 yesterday, and under the circumstances I thought I'd feel terrible, but I absolutely had the best day and night.
I've found somewhere to live. My friend recently moved in to a very posh new house and just had a flatmate do a runner without paying the bills. I moved in on Wednesday. The house is lovely, the other guy who shares the house is lovely and my room is a really nice size. It's a very quiet house, so I know I'll get some peace when I want to write.
I can walk to work, it takes me 20mins!!

The sun has been shining. I got some lovely gifts for my birthday and from 4pm-2am I went out to celebrate with my friends.
I was very drunk, but had such a fun night. When I got in the taxi to go home, I couldn't tell him where I lived as I still don't really know!!!
My friend and flatmate Louise, woke up this morning in the back garden!!! I have no idea why or how.

Thanks for all the nice messages. I'm absolutely fine and looking forward to a new chapter in my life!


Barrie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Sally! And I predict this will be a marvelous exciting new chapter in your life!

Julie Cohen said...

Happy belated birthday, and big hugs to you.

Nell said...

Hugs, so glad you had a fab birthday!

liz fenwick said...

Belated birthday greetings. You go girl. I'm proud of you.


frank said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on the new flat.

Sara Hantz said...

Happy birthday for last Friday. And good luck in your new flat. It sounds perfect. And this is going to be an exciting time for you!!!

Phillipa said...

Glad it was a good one, Sally.

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks for all your nice wishes! They really cheered me up xx

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