Monday, 26 May 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!

I have had the BEST bank holiday weekend!! Saturday night I went out for Paul's birthday and got VERY drunk, but had a fantastic night.
My flatmate Louise phoned me on Sunday to see if I could drive to Southport for a day out, I said there was no way I could drive because my head was still spinning!!
Anyway, lovely Mikey said he'd drive and everyone waited for me to get home and showered (I stayed at Paul's!) and we drove to Formby, spent the afternoon on Formby beach, we had a pub lunch and then drove to Southport to have chips in the evening.

The photos sum up the day and the laughs we had!!

L-R Chris, Me, Mikey & Louise!
L-R Helena, Me, Chris & Louise!

The gorgeous Formby beach!

Evening in Southport


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