Friday, 2 May 2008

Flat 'Mates'

Flippin' heck... flat hunting is so depressing. I'll have to do a house share thing as I don't earn a lot as I gave up a great job to be able to have a balance of paying bills and writing. I'm keeping my part time job, I'll probably just have to get a bar job in the evening... grrr!

I hate the thought of living with strangers. I hate mess... like really hate mess. Everyone laughs at me at work because I'm forever cleaning the communal kitchen area.

I saw a nice flat online, I almost emailed the girl - but the bottom of the advert said 'Must be OK with having my bike parked in the living room!!!!!!'

No, I'm not OK with that thanks.

I'm putting every effort to find a flat asap, as I have to finish writing my play... this is so draining!
Dear Agent, who's supposed to be phoning me this week and hasn't... please sell my book and make me very rich so that I don't have to live with messy strangers!!!!


frank said...

Well you could live with me here in the states, but the commute would cost you a fortune! Ha hahaha.

PS. I park MY two bikes in the garage.

Sally Lawton said...

:-) Ha!! Thanks for the offer Frank, really appreciate it!!

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