Saturday, 12 April 2008

Oh What A Week!

I've had such a busy week. Three times this week I've had rehearsals until quite late and twice I went to the theatre.

The first show I went to see was Oh What A Night! I was a dresser on this show 10 years ago and back then the show was huge and lots of fun. I've dressed on it several times since then. I'm sad to say it has been cut down and the love story has been taken out of the script, I didn't like this version. The dancing was as spectacular as ever, but because there wasn't as many dancers, they just seemed really lost on the huge stage.

On Thursday, my friend Christian and I went to watch The Glass Menagerie. I had no idea what the play was about and didn't know what to expect. Brenda Blethyn was fantastic, as were the rest of the cast. I'm now in love with the play, and loved every second of it.


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