Sunday, 20 April 2008

It's Over!

In typical Sally Lawton style, the play almost ended in complete disaster. We all turned up at the theatre for 6pm last night, and the lovely owners couldn't get in! The roller shutter wouldn't work. I wasn't worried, until it got to 7pm and the audience were starting to turn up. It was freezing. My family had driven up from Prestatyn, my best friend Leah from Chester... My mum was handing out food to everyone. She'd brought enough sandwiches and apple pies to feed the whole of Salford. Everyone was sat in other peoples cars, keeping warm!
A roller fixer man came, he couldn't get it working. At half seven (when the play should have started) I remember thinking we'd have to cancel.
Anyway, the roller shutter fixer man (I'm sure he has a better title)! Anyway, he ended up cutting the shutter off. Everyone cheered. We ran inside, it was 8pm, we were freezing, my voice was going, but we just wanted to do the play.
We did the play and enjoyed every second of it. Then it was party time in the bar!!!

It's been perhaps the longest week in my life. But I've loved every second of this roller coaster, it's been one thing after another with this play. But I'm proud of the play, I'm proud of the cast and everyone else who have worked so incredibly hard to put it on.
The feedback has been fantastic, so hopefully we'll do it all again soon!!!

Here are some photos from last nights party!

Half the cast! Paul, Me, Toby & Mark
Me and Toby!

Me and Paul

Mr Sally & me!

Me & my mum

My dad and Bro!

Me and my gorge friend Leah!


Colin said...

: )

Nell said...


Barrie said...

What an exciting life you lead!

paul n said...

My mum and dad were so impressed and thought you,the rest of the cast and the play were brilliant and that it had a true ensemble feel about it.
Couldn't stay long afterwards,i had to go and shift a bed and take it to the neighbours.
x Paul N.

Lucy Diamond said...

Glad you finally got in and it went well eventually!

Sara Hantz said...

OMG.... glad it all worked out ok in the end!!

Phillipa said...

Wow Sally. Just dropped by your blog to see how it all went - and what a rollercoaster ride you've had but I'm so glad that it went brilliantly on the nights.

Rebecca said...

OMG. What a close call! I'm so glad it worked out in the end. You like fab in all the pictures Congrats!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Looks like despite the drama, you all had loads of fun!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks to you ALL for your lovely, supportive comments. They really mean a lot!


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