Sunday, 13 April 2008

Here We Go!

I've just realised that my new play is called BATTERED EGOS! And my new book is called ALTER-EGO! I swear it's a coincidence that I've used the word EGO in both my new projects, how strange! But I am fascinated by peoples egos, so that's probably why.
I've just cast the last person for the play, glad he wants to do it as he's great. I'll talk more about it once DOUBLE CLICK has finished.
I can't believe this time next week DOUBLE CLICK will be all over and done with. Half of me can't wait and half of me is scared. It's going to be a chaotic week, that's for sure!

I'm still waiting to hear back from my agent regarding DEBT, LIES & SUPERMAN. He said he'd be in touch after Easter to talk to me about it. I know some kids are still on Easter hols, but I feel like Easter was AGES ago. I'm very impatient, but I can't help wanting to know his thoughts and if we're going to move forwards with the book. I hope so because I love the book. So fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted once he gets in touch.

Keep your fingers crossed that I sell lots of tickets for the play and that it's well received! I'll be sad once it's all over, but really looking forward to the next projects I have planned.
I'll blog updates as much as I can!

I've spent the day creating programmes for the play. I'm very impressed with my handy work. Mr Sally and I were supposed to be having a 'date' day. But he came home from work ill last night, he threw up and has a spinning head... he's very poorly, but I am bemused at how he has the strength to shout at the TV whilst watching Manchester United! Hm!


frank said...

I wish I could check out one of your plays *sigh* maybe someday....

Nell said...

I'm never sure if I should wish you stage type peoples good luck or bad luck. Whichever one is good I'm wishing it for you. One day I'd love to come see your plays.

liz fenwick said...

Hope the agent is touch asap and fingers crossed for the play this week.

Phillipa said...

Is it OK to say 'break a leg'? Hope it goes brilliantly, Sally.

Rebecca said...

Will you have any plays going on in July? I will be in Chester visiting family.

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Frank,
Ah - hopefully one day! I'll try and film bits and I'll pop some clips up once it's over with!

Sally Lawton said...

:-) Thanks Nell... good luck is fine!!!

Hi Liz,
I'll keep you posted about agent!

Hi Phillipa, break a leg is fine!! Thank you so much for your nice wishes.

Hi Rebecca,
Yes, my play BATTERED EGOS will be on in July. Erm, I can't think of the dates as my brain is a bit fuzzy this week! I'll let you know though! That would be so great, I live very close to Chester!!


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