Saturday, 12 April 2008

Cracking The Whip!

I had a lovely full page article written about me in my local paper this week. The photo is HUGE, which made me gasp slightly when I saw it! But they wrote some lovely things about me and plugged Double Click and Battered Egos!

Speaking of DOUBLE CLICK - I can't believe we open next week - this time next week will be in fact the last night!
We are not ready, not yet. We still have a lot of work to do. I have every faith the actors can pull it off, but still... I do like to worry.
There's one scene in particular, if it's played wrong, could potentially look rubbish and amateur -if played right will be powerful and professional.
We rehearsed it for two hours last night, and it still needs work... lots of work. That's what I plan to do. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be working on fine tuning everything.

Well, I have to make and print the programmes now and then I may be sat in a silent room, breathing in to a paper bag!


Rebecca said...

Congratulations on the great press! How exciting!

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