Friday, 25 April 2008


Sorry for lack of posts, I've not really felt like writing anything all week. I've been down in the dumps, and didn't fancy being all boring on here!
Mr Sally is away for a whole week, on the other side of the world and I'm missing him more than anything.
Anyway, I've given myself a stiff talking to, and I'm feeling better and not so miserable.
I've had lots of bubble baths, I've de-junked, treated myself to a Chinese take-away, read books (which I'll blog about tomorrow)!

I heard from my agent today, he's promised full feedback of DEBT, LIES & SUPERMAN next week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed he thinks he can sell it.
I've also got to send him the opening chapters to ALTER EGO this weekend, so hopefully he'll like it.
Erm, I'm also in the process of getting an acting agent?! I've put it off for so long, I don't know why really. I guess I just like writing and performing my own things and it has worked because I've had great support and encouragement from some very important TV people etc, except -
so many things are being filmed in Manchester lately, so many good comedies and I need an agent to get me auditions.
That's the plan anyway.

Oh, and whilst Mr Sally is away, guess what I'm doing? I'm going to re-arrange the study and maybe buy a new bookcase.
God, I really know how to live it up!


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