Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Almost There!

Just a really quick post. I'm just waiting for my scripts to print as I forgot I should have two ready for the sound and lighting people!

It's been a very testing week this week. Everyone's tempers are fraught (except mine)! A few cast members had a HUGE argument on Monday evening and although it was horrible and I didn't know how to really resolve it, it ended up strangely clearing the air and last night was very, very productive!

I have to go and pick up some cast members in town at 10:30 as we're rehearsing from 11-2pm today and then it's the tech and DRESS REHEARSAL!!!

I am expecting the dress to go wrong, they always do, I'd be worried if it didn't.

Anyway, I've got to dash - got a million and one things to sort as I have to leave the house in an hour and I haven't even dried my hair!!


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