Monday, 28 April 2008


Well, the news is that Mr Sally is OK. He had food poisoning and was suffering from dehydration, he's out of hospital and feeling much better. I can't tell you how horrible it was, just not being able to get hold of him, or be there for him. Sitting by the phone waiting for him to call was so awful - anyway, he's back tomorrow and I'm so excited to see him. It's been the worst few days.

I took a sick day off work today, I've had so much writing to catch up on and I needed to catch up on sleep, I was so drained yesterday.
This afternoon I filled a flask full of coffee and drove 20mins to Jumbles Country Park, it's the most gorgeous place. I sat looking out on to the water, the air was crisp, the coffee was good and I got loads of writing done.

It's definitely going to be my new writing haven!

Sunday, 27 April 2008


I've had no sleep, not a wink and I'm so drained.
Mr Sally, who's at the other side of the world didn't phone last night, which is unusual and I just knew something was wrong.
I got a text off him at 9:30 this morning saying he's in hospital, he's not stopped being sick since he arrived and the hospital sedated him. That's all I know. He'll be discharged later and until then I have no idea how he is or what's happened.
I feel pretty useless sat here worrying and I've got loads of writing to be getting on with, but I can't concentrate.

Julie Cohen - One Night Stand

I loved this book, truly loved it. It's quirky and cute and very funny in places.
The bits in the pub were written so well, you could really imagine it and I LOVED the love story!
Another fab Little Black Dress book by Julie!

Friday, 25 April 2008


Sorry for lack of posts, I've not really felt like writing anything all week. I've been down in the dumps, and didn't fancy being all boring on here!
Mr Sally is away for a whole week, on the other side of the world and I'm missing him more than anything.
Anyway, I've given myself a stiff talking to, and I'm feeling better and not so miserable.
I've had lots of bubble baths, I've de-junked, treated myself to a Chinese take-away, read books (which I'll blog about tomorrow)!

I heard from my agent today, he's promised full feedback of DEBT, LIES & SUPERMAN next week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed he thinks he can sell it.
I've also got to send him the opening chapters to ALTER EGO this weekend, so hopefully he'll like it.
Erm, I'm also in the process of getting an acting agent?! I've put it off for so long, I don't know why really. I guess I just like writing and performing my own things and it has worked because I've had great support and encouragement from some very important TV people etc, except -
so many things are being filmed in Manchester lately, so many good comedies and I need an agent to get me auditions.
That's the plan anyway.

Oh, and whilst Mr Sally is away, guess what I'm doing? I'm going to re-arrange the study and maybe buy a new bookcase.
God, I really know how to live it up!

Sunday, 20 April 2008

It's Over!

In typical Sally Lawton style, the play almost ended in complete disaster. We all turned up at the theatre for 6pm last night, and the lovely owners couldn't get in! The roller shutter wouldn't work. I wasn't worried, until it got to 7pm and the audience were starting to turn up. It was freezing. My family had driven up from Prestatyn, my best friend Leah from Chester... My mum was handing out food to everyone. She'd brought enough sandwiches and apple pies to feed the whole of Salford. Everyone was sat in other peoples cars, keeping warm!
A roller fixer man came, he couldn't get it working. At half seven (when the play should have started) I remember thinking we'd have to cancel.
Anyway, the roller shutter fixer man (I'm sure he has a better title)! Anyway, he ended up cutting the shutter off. Everyone cheered. We ran inside, it was 8pm, we were freezing, my voice was going, but we just wanted to do the play.
We did the play and enjoyed every second of it. Then it was party time in the bar!!!

It's been perhaps the longest week in my life. But I've loved every second of this roller coaster, it's been one thing after another with this play. But I'm proud of the play, I'm proud of the cast and everyone else who have worked so incredibly hard to put it on.
The feedback has been fantastic, so hopefully we'll do it all again soon!!!

Here are some photos from last nights party!

Half the cast! Paul, Me, Toby & Mark
Me and Toby!

Me and Paul

Mr Sally & me!

Me & my mum

My dad and Bro!

Me and my gorge friend Leah!

Friday, 18 April 2008

It Went...


Despite only having an hours sleep the night before. I kept waking up in a panic, then waking up feeling pure anger towards the girl who 'dropped out.'
I had a bit of a girly cry when I was on my own in Tescos car park (as you do!), then pulled myself together and went to the theatre early!
And can I just add that the girl who 'dropped out' of the play, still hasn't had the decency or respect to call or even text with an apology and an explination. All I did was offer to pick her up from a different train station and drive her to rehearsals...

Anyway, a lovely guy in the cast Paul Newbrey - who's not only a fantastic actor, he's absolutely lovely too. Well he kindly came to the theatre to help go through the lines with me. We were both shocked at how much I knew. I think subconsciously whilst directing, the lines have stored somewhere safe in my brain. He helped me a lot with the ending as my character goes a bit psycho!
We managed two full runs and then we were on!

I was slightly worried, not only about the lines but for the past two years I've played lots of comedy parts and this part is quite serious. But I was rather pleased with myself and even managed to cry on stage (I wasn't having another breakdown - just my character was!!)

As opening nights go and due to everything we've been through I think we did more than OK, and I'm really proud of the cast, everyone has supported everyone and we really worked as a team.
Anyway, my voice is going and so I'm drinking lots of honey and lemon and hope it holds out until Saturday.

I had my interview on BBC Radio Lancashire today with Ted Robbins, who I have to say is a lovely, lovely man. I had such a giggle and really enjoyed the interview, even if he did put me on the spot live on air by asking me to act out a scene from the play!! Cheeky man!! It was great though!

Right, I'm off for a shower and then off to the theatre!
Thanks for all your kind wishes xx

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Guess What...


A girl dropped out yesterday. I say dropped out, she missed her train and so I asked her to get a train to a different station and I'd pick her up for rehearsals instead, she refused and switched her phone off!! Very professional.

So I'm learning the lines as much as I can. I can't believe she's done it, but there you go!
Thankfully the rest of the cast adapted well and despite everything, we managed to have a giggle and a productive day yesterday.

It's opening night tonight, so wish me luck!!!

PS: I'm being interviewed on BBC Radio Lancashire tomorrow at 10:00am.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Almost There!

Just a really quick post. I'm just waiting for my scripts to print as I forgot I should have two ready for the sound and lighting people!

It's been a very testing week this week. Everyone's tempers are fraught (except mine)! A few cast members had a HUGE argument on Monday evening and although it was horrible and I didn't know how to really resolve it, it ended up strangely clearing the air and last night was very, very productive!

I have to go and pick up some cast members in town at 10:30 as we're rehearsing from 11-2pm today and then it's the tech and DRESS REHEARSAL!!!

I am expecting the dress to go wrong, they always do, I'd be worried if it didn't.

Anyway, I've got to dash - got a million and one things to sort as I have to leave the house in an hour and I haven't even dried my hair!!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Here We Go!

I've just realised that my new play is called BATTERED EGOS! And my new book is called ALTER-EGO! I swear it's a coincidence that I've used the word EGO in both my new projects, how strange! But I am fascinated by peoples egos, so that's probably why.
I've just cast the last person for the play, glad he wants to do it as he's great. I'll talk more about it once DOUBLE CLICK has finished.
I can't believe this time next week DOUBLE CLICK will be all over and done with. Half of me can't wait and half of me is scared. It's going to be a chaotic week, that's for sure!

I'm still waiting to hear back from my agent regarding DEBT, LIES & SUPERMAN. He said he'd be in touch after Easter to talk to me about it. I know some kids are still on Easter hols, but I feel like Easter was AGES ago. I'm very impatient, but I can't help wanting to know his thoughts and if we're going to move forwards with the book. I hope so because I love the book. So fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted once he gets in touch.

Keep your fingers crossed that I sell lots of tickets for the play and that it's well received! I'll be sad once it's all over, but really looking forward to the next projects I have planned.
I'll blog updates as much as I can!

I've spent the day creating programmes for the play. I'm very impressed with my handy work. Mr Sally and I were supposed to be having a 'date' day. But he came home from work ill last night, he threw up and has a spinning head... he's very poorly, but I am bemused at how he has the strength to shout at the TV whilst watching Manchester United! Hm!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Cracking The Whip!

I had a lovely full page article written about me in my local paper this week. The photo is HUGE, which made me gasp slightly when I saw it! But they wrote some lovely things about me and plugged Double Click and Battered Egos!

Speaking of DOUBLE CLICK - I can't believe we open next week - this time next week will be in fact the last night!
We are not ready, not yet. We still have a lot of work to do. I have every faith the actors can pull it off, but still... I do like to worry.
There's one scene in particular, if it's played wrong, could potentially look rubbish and amateur -if played right will be powerful and professional.
We rehearsed it for two hours last night, and it still needs work... lots of work. That's what I plan to do. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be working on fine tuning everything.

Well, I have to make and print the programmes now and then I may be sat in a silent room, breathing in to a paper bag!

Oh What A Week!

I've had such a busy week. Three times this week I've had rehearsals until quite late and twice I went to the theatre.

The first show I went to see was Oh What A Night! I was a dresser on this show 10 years ago and back then the show was huge and lots of fun. I've dressed on it several times since then. I'm sad to say it has been cut down and the love story has been taken out of the script, I didn't like this version. The dancing was as spectacular as ever, but because there wasn't as many dancers, they just seemed really lost on the huge stage.

On Thursday, my friend Christian and I went to watch The Glass Menagerie. I had no idea what the play was about and didn't know what to expect. Brenda Blethyn was fantastic, as were the rest of the cast. I'm now in love with the play, and loved every second of it.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Busy - Busy - Busy...

Just stopping by quickly. I'm having a very busy week. Back at the day job - but my good friend Toby has started work in my office and it's so nice to have him there!
I've been rehearsing in the evenings too. The play is coming along and I'm feeling very positive about it, I can't believe we open next week though!

My friend Christian and I are off to the theatre tonight after work, so I'll blog more tomorrow.
Hope everyone is having a fun filled week!

Saturday, 5 April 2008



To my dad!!!!

Love you MILLIONS Papa XX

Friday, 4 April 2008

It's Final!

I've been tweaking the poster and this is the final one (probably looks the same to you - but bits have changed!)
So this is it, the final poster design for BATTERED EGOS!

Slotting the Pieces!

Wednesday afternoon we had a rehearsal at the Salford Arts Theatre. It was so nice to be able to use the space and we were there for a good solid 2 hours.
We got loads done and it was good for the cast to get a feel for the space and work on their projection.
I felt loads better about the play after this rehearsal, and the addition of Paul has been a blessing in disguise!
Unfortunately one cast member couldn't make the rehearsal,but it's definitely coming together!

Here's a photo of the lovely cast, minus one member!
Taken at the funky theatre!

From L-R:
Toby, Paul, Vicky, Ali, Abbey, Paul, Elaine.

Show Stopper...

I've been out to the theatre twice this week.

On Wednesday night I went to watch Zorro the musical, which was err... well the set was spectacular and some bits were quite funny, but I didn't really enjoy it and I love a musical!!

Last night I went to watch Veil. It wasn't my cup of tea, but I did strangely get in to it and quite enjoyed it at the end!

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