Friday, 21 March 2008

This n That!

Cat update, he went away soon after I fed him. Mr Sally was off work yesterday until early evening and was on cat watch. No sign of him. I must have called Mr Sally a million times from work asking if he'd come back. 'Sally, have you only phoned me because of the cat?'
'Err, yes.'
Well I've been worried. I'm guessing the cat has a home because the weather yesterday was almost storm-like, so if he was desperate, he'd have come back.
I keep checking the back garden today and still no sign. I'll keep you posted.

Last day of work yesterday for two weeks. I love being off from work, I can get on with writing etc - I've got so much to do.
Rehearsal went well last night. We have finished blocking the whole thing and now just need to get to the nitty gritty of each scene. It's looking good though.
Rehearsal finished at 6:30pm last night and I was meeting Mr Sally at the theatre at 10:00pm, so I decided to go to the gym!
The weather was so bad, and I forgot my brolly - by the time I crossed town to the gym I looked like a drowned rat.
Anyway, I went for a swim, where I had the whole pool to myself. Then I sat in the Spa for about half an hour. Then I went in to the sauna and then the steam room. It was lovely and relaxing and I was able to think about the plot of my next play etc.

Ooo, also my course went well on Wed. It was the last one of the term (it's gone so quickly), but we read out scenes of plays by some members of the group, which was great fun. I'll definitely be going back next term.

So that's pretty much all I've been up to. I'm going to start writing my new play today (I've spent so much time plotting it). The play has been re-titled BATTERED EGOS!


Rebecca said...

You gym sounds really nice. Mine is all stinky and there are no pools or spas. Oh well!

Barrie said...

You are already starting your next play? Wow! You have so much energy!

Love the title BTW. :)

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Rebecca, I used to go to a horrible,stinky gym and I hated it. The only reason I joined this one was because of the pool as I only really like swimming!!

Hi Barrie, It's nothing to do with energy - more like giving myself silly deadlines!!! ha. Glad you like the title. Mr Sally thought of it!!

Dan Journey said...

You gym sounds really nice. Mine is all stinky and there are no pools or spas. Oh well!

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