Friday, 14 March 2008

Theatre Day...


Wednesday was quite a hectic day, I won't tell you about the disastrous morning I had... but I rushed to Manchester for 12:30pm and arrived at the Royal Exchange theatre - I was invited to a launch for their brand spanking new playwriting competition. For more info go to the website.

The launch was lovely, and the sip of champers went to my head slightly! It was nice to listen to the three winners of the last competition and the fantastic Brenda Blethyn gave a lovely speech and begged for more female playwrights to enter.

Mr Sally met me after the launch as he was on a half day and we had a nice afternoon at home. Then I went down to my local theatre for the second community meeting and I had to stand up and tell everyone about the play I'm writing etc. As I was put on the spot, I got very embarrassed and I'm sure I rambled a bit, but everyone was very nice, very supportive. It was really heartwarming seeing so many people committed to keep the theatre alive and now as well as the play I've signed myself up to the committee where I'll help choose the plays that get chosen to be performed etc.


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