Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Show WILL Go On...

Ever had one of those weeks? Well it has been a manic roller coaster here! I had two rehearsals planned this week, which were going to be quite in-depth as we've now finished blocking the whole thing, but I've had to cancel them both...

One of the actors has pulled out. She's been in a car accident and is suffering from whiplash.
Obviously, this news left me breathing in to paper bags late last night!

BUT - a fantastic actress Kerry Spillane has stepped in.
I've known Kerry since I was about 13/14 and Paul and I cast her in our joint play a couple of years ago.
She's brilliant, and in actual fact I've only recently cast her as the lead JANET in my next play BATTERED EGOS!
So I'm delighted to be working with her again, sooner than planned. And thank her so, so much for stepping in at such short notice.

The FAB Kerry!

Obviously, I want to thank Rian as well for all of her hard work over the past few weeks. And hope she gets better soon.


Classic Becca said...

Sally! I'm really excited - about everything - I am loving this blogging, and it not being on one of the pervy social networking sites helps to...I can be intelligible! Although running thin on the ground for people commenting...thats the bit that stunts me. I am excited about writing, I have just got to try and not be fickle and stop when I get bored!! I have stopped smoking..its been 4 and a half days...breathe!! Haven't drank since Saturday either....I am either heading to a good place or I am gonna have a blow out!! MUST BE STRONG!!!! Anyway when can I read these books of yours!!!!??

Sally Lawton said...

I know, blogging is a lot of fun. I love it too. It's like having permission to peek in to peoples diary's and I've always been a bit nosey!
I've just left a comment on yours about comments!

Wow, congrats on the giving up smoking and drinking. You can do it!
Looking forward to seeing you at Rachel's thing... time for a good old catch up!

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