Saturday, 1 March 2008

Saving Local Theatre

My local community theatre is up the road from my house. The children I used to teach used to put on little shows there, and it's such a lovely theatre.
The place has no funding and all the staff work for free. I went on the website last night to see if there was anything I could go and watch tonight, seeing as I'm home alone. I was shocked that the theatre is close to closing down. The website said they had a huge community meeting the other week, which I'm sorry I missed, where they discussed ways to keep it from closing. They were begging people to help.
So last night I sent them an email, offering to write and produce a play for them, for free. I said I didn't want anything from the ticket sales, I just wanted to do my bit.
The guy that runs the theatre called me first thing this morning, said my email came at the right time as they are desperate to put a play on in July, after the locals perform Full Monty the musical! and were wondering how or where they could get a play, cast etc...

So I'm hired. They've asked if I can write a good old Northern play and they'll support me as much as possible. They want it on in July, I just need to meet with them to discuss it in more depth, so hopefully I'll see them next week.

I think community theatre is so important. It's so expensive to go to the big theatre's lately and community theatre's are great for not only cost, but for letting writers, actors etc experiment.
I'm very much looking forward to my new project.
I'll of course keep you posted and give you the link to the website once they have their new one up and running...


booklady said...

Oh, that's so wonderful of you to help them like that. I hope that their efforts are successful. Our community theater has all but closed down, and I miss it. The performances brought everyone together in ways nothing else could.

frank said...

This is GREAT! I applaud your donation.
I wish we had as much culture on this side of the big pond as you guys do over there. Over here there is always an angle, some ego to be stroked, or someone wanting ...well... something.
Even in New York, where culture should be boundless, there is always someone 'in charge' who never appreciates anything.

Alyson Noel said...

Wow, that's so generous of you-- I wish you (and the theater) huge success on this project!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Booklady, what a shame your community theatre has closed. It's such a waste.

Hi Frank, thanks for your nice message. I hate egos and this profession is full of them isn't it? I'm lucky here in Manchester that people seem to be very willing to nuture talent and give people chances.

Hi Alyson,
Thanks for your lovely kind wishes :-)

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