Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Reading & Eating!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter. Mr Sally and I went to Wales to my mum and dads on Sunday. My mum had a roast dinner ready and we had a lovely time. My mum's giving up cigarettes, which is a HUGE thing for her to do - as nobody's been able to convince her to quit in the past. I'm very proud of her, she's doing really well.

We had lots of chocolates yesterday and another roast dinner before we drove back to Manchester.

I went to see where my brother works as well. Basically he works at a 'pop in' centre and teaches people how to use computers. He's been given a new job and has helped decorate the new centre, it's so funky inside. Couldn't resist posting a couple of piccies!!!

My dad at the FUNKY pop in centre!

My brother Gav. There's a pool table behind him, funky sofas and a GIANT TV screen on the wall where people can come and play computer games for free!
What a great job he's got. There's a little coffee bar as well. It's brilliant, he's worked so hard to get it up and running.
Ooo, I managed to pick up my Adele Parks book 'Young Wives' Tales.' I basically started from the beginning again, as I've been so busy, I haven't had time to pick it up in AGES - which is no reflection on the book!
Anyway, I was hooked again from page one. I'm now on chapter 15 and honestly can't put it down!!


Classic Becca said...

Ok I left a comment on your blog but then realised it was an old one so I will change the link now!! How are you? Hows all the book stuff going? I am at the feel-like-someone-is-grabbing-my-throat-research-stage of my book which will be started in the year 2020 - HELP!! :0) When Can I read your book will it be on a shelf in a book shop near me soon? Are you working for Rachel next week? If you are I may see you then! :0) xxx

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Becca!! Didn't realise you had a blog. Lovely to hear from you.
Ah, what kind of book are you writing? Erm, I'm just waiting for my agent to get back to me about my book, should be any day now, so I'll keep you posted.

Yeah, I'm working for Rachel next week, I think it's going to be chaotic, but glad you'll be there too. We can have a good natter!
I'll put a link to your blog tomorrow when I've got more time xx

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