Monday, 3 March 2008


My weekend went by in a bit of a blur. Mr Sally didn't finish work until midnight on Saturday and drove straight home to pick me up. We threw everything in to the car and headed to Wales.

We arrived at my mum and dad's around 2:30am - bless them, they waited up. It was a bit like 'Hello, goodnight.'

My cat woke me up at 6:30am - then again at 8:30am.

My mum had a nice Mother's Day. We got her some perfume, a jumper, a cute mug and some flowers and my brother treated us all to and Indian take-away.
The day went so fast, but it was lovely and I didn't want to leave to come home.

This morning I was very tired, but dragged myself to work. In work I sent my friend a text message (she was sat behind me) saying I wish I had enough money to quit. She texted back telling me not to dare leave. I said, 'Come with me - like Jerry Maguire.' She said she would, but I'd have to pay her a wage... damn, looks like I'm staying where I am for a while!

I almost ran to rehearsals tonight. The cast seemed quite quiet when I arrived, but they soon perked up and the rehearsal was bloomin marvellous. They want to take the play on tour, so erm, I'm looking in to it. Coming soon to a living room near you!!
Seriously though, I definitely want it to go on to other venues and maybe even do Buxton Festival? Keep you posted on DOUBLE CLICK the TOUR! (What a lovely thought).

Tomorrow after work is going to be fun. I'm meeting with a lovely friend Christian. He and I used to be theatre dressers together, we haven't worked on a show together for ages. He went on tour with Cats and I haven't dressed for ages, so it'll be so lovely to have a catch up.

Then I'm meeting my friend Paul. We co-write sometimes and are best mates... even though I haven't seen him since NOVEMBER! We speak on the phone all the time, but planning to meet up has been a disaster, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing him.

Gosh, I'm rambling, sorry.

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend Leah!!! She's two months older than me, so I get to laugh at her being 28 and I get to milk being younger until the month of May, when it hits me like a sack of spuds! x


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