Saturday, 22 March 2008

My Dad the Joker!

I've been going through some old photos etc and found these two notes my dad wrote for me.
The first one is when my dad sent me a cheque for £75 a few years ago when I needed to get some glasses!!

The other note is for when I had been ill off school and had to take a note in for my teacher the next day. My dad had written two notes and one was a 'joke' note. I was in such a rush that morning, I grabbed the 'joke' note without looking at it and ran to catch my lift to school. My dad had to chase me down the road to give me the proper note!
I kept the note because it made me laugh so much, it basically tells my teacher I'd been off watching Take That videos and not been ill at all. He even signed it Mr Plonker!!

I'd say I definitely get my comedy skills from my dad!!


Barry Lawton said...

I stand by every word

Love Papa xx

Sally Lawton said...

Haha! Thought you would Papa!!!

Love you xx

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