Friday, 28 March 2008

Little Miss Housewife!

Mr Sally had to get up at 3:30AM this morning as he had to start work at 6. I thought I'd do the decent thing and get up with him to make him a good sturdy breakfast as I know he wouldn't get a proper chance for food until later in the day and also because he's diabetic.
So he asked if I could make him two boiled eggs and make a bit of a toasted sandwich.

Bearing in mind, I've never been a big egg eater and he's a bit of an expert as he loves them...
This is a conversation you don't need to be having at 4AM

ME: Is there a special technique to peeling the shell off the egg?
MR SALLY: Have you never cooked an egg before?
ME: I never really ate them until I got with you and you usually cook them.
MR SALLY: Oh my God, are you telling me you don't know how to boil an egg?
ME: (Getting grumpy) YES, I've boiled the egg - I'm just asking if there is a special technique to peeling the shell off it.
MR SALLY: Just tap it and peel the shell off... I can't believe you've just asked me that.
ME: Oh for God's sake, I was just asking if there was a special technique - and don't you dare tell your friends I can't boil an egg.
MR SALLY: Wouldn't dream of it, grumpy pants.

GRUMPY? It was four in the bloomin morning!!!!


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