Thursday, 27 March 2008

Happy Birthday...

TO MY BABIES... Little Star & Crazy Cat - 6 Years old today!!!!!!!

I had to move house after splitting up with an ex, and I had to live right on a main road. So my auntie took them in and gave them a great life and now they are living with my mum and dad and have such a wonderful time.
My mum and dad even bought them a birthday present, it's some sort of an igloo!

A bless them, they're lovely cats. One sleeps a lot (Little Star) and one is very, very naughty! (Crazy Cat).


Amy Appleton said...

They are GORGEOUS. Love the picture with the crazy blue eyes - something tells me that was a cat about to play 'hunt and kill the printer cable.'

Sally Lawton said...

Ah, thanks. I agree - they are gorgeous not so little things!
Yes, that photo is so cute, and he's still obsessed with computers, he often sleeps on my dad's scanner!!


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