Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Green Light!

I've just come from a meeting with two people from my local theatre 'Royal Court Theatre, Bacup,' and they have just confirmed that they would definitely like me to write and produce a play for them. I'm delighted.
I've got some ideas in my head and I've been given a few more today, I'm trying to set it locally so that it means more to the community, we'll see.

I've got my playwriting group tonight, so I may be inspired later - you never know.

Last night was great, I caught up with two friends. Firstly Christian, who I haven't had a gossip with properly for ages. He's offered to help out with my play, which will be lovely and we're off to watch a play together on Friday - can't wait.

My other friend Paul, who I sometimes co-write things with met me in a pub next to the theatre. We didn't stop talking for three solid hours and he managed to get me drunk. Anyway, we're planning on co-writing something together very soon (he's the only person I'd co-write with as we have a great solid relationship and we work ever so well together!) I was so drunk that I never put any firm plans in place, so hopefully we'll meet next week and have a COFFEE and plan some things.

So it's all a bit creative at the moment. I'm still waiting to hear from my agent about my book, so fingers crossed I hear soon.

And you wouldn't believe the cheek of some people, I guess it comes with this business - but I'm shocked at the people 'not friends' who crawl out of the woodwork the minute news gets around that you're doing something positive with your life and for once the five solid years of hard work, finally seem to be paying off, and they just appear and expect an easy ride...
Unbelievable. But this past year especially I've learnt to be protective about my work and I've stopped trusting everyone, I'm being a lot firmer too. I've worked too hard for this.

Sorry to vent, just some people have made me mad this week!

PS: I've only gone and managed to put on another pound??? Mr Sally is hiring a crane as we speak!


Rebecca said...

I am so happy that all your hard work is bearing fruit right now!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Rebecca, that's really nice of you :-)

Single Mother on the Verge said...

Sounds very exciting, good look with your book ... I'm intrigued by the friend thing, tell more!

I seem to be losing them rather than gaining them

(also the playwright group, where's that, I'd love to join.)

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks for your nice comment.
The playwright group is with the Oldham Coliseum - WritingLAB. We meet every other Wed 7-9pm and it's just great to work with other writers etc. I really love it.
This term is nearly over, so I'm sure you can join next term. All the info is on the website, but if you need to know more, just ask me!

Ha, I probably shouldn't go on about the 'friend' thing, cause I never know who reads this!! I suppose this business helps you work out really quickly who your 'real' friends are!
Hope things are going well with you.

Robert said...

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