Sunday, 9 March 2008


Woo-hoo! I have just typed THE END on DOUBLE CLICK. I have a full play - finally!
I'm absolutely drained - but thrilled.

I'll revise it tomorrow with a fresh eye and see what the cast think on Tuesday. I have no idea of the timing - so hope it all fits together. I'll have a better idea on Tues.

Onwards with my next project now!
Ooo, and I'm definitely going to get stuck in to reading my book tonight.


frank said...

Congrats, girl!

Rebecca said...

Congrats. I am amazed at how quickly you can pump out material!

Alyson Noel said...

Congrats--that's awesome!!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks for your nice wishes... I may not be smiling tomorrow when the cast read it out loud!!!


Barrie said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Sally! Those are two sweet words. :)

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