Saturday, 1 March 2008

Buy Me Some Books Boy...

OK, I didn't really speak to Mr Sally in such a strange/rude fashion. But he just called from work to say he was on a break from the theatre having a nosey round the shops with his friend (who I know loves books).
'If you happen to see any books on your travels, think of me.'
'As always,' he said.
I was only being half serious.

Ten minutes later he called me and I just heard him saying to someone in a shop, 'Thanks for your help.'
'What help?' That was me.
'Just in Waterstone's and just got the girl to point out where the chick lit books are.'

Ah, bless him. He's picked up the words chick lit from somewhere, very cute.

'Have you heard of Freya North?'
'Of course I have heard of her.'
'I don't know, do I?'
'OK. Why?'
'Have you got her book Pillow Talk?'
'No, but I'd like it.'
'Sally, I don't really know what I'm looking at. I'm in some Chick Lit Mum section.'
'What's on the three for two tables?'

And bless his little cotton socks, he went round the entire table - saying 'Have you got this? Have you got that?'
And a lot of the times I think Mr Sally doesn't listen to me. But he said, 'Ooo, have you got Sophie Kinsella's latest book?'
'No, I'd really like it though?'
'It's hardback?'

See, he even knows how much I hate buying hardback books.

Ah, so I have no idea what selection he chose. I just gave him a lot of yes/no answers to his suggestions. But he's just been awarded one hundred brownie points for making me realise he does actually listen and he's very sweet and thoughtful.

And not only that. After he finishes work at midnight tonight, he's coming home to pick me up to drive us to Wales so that we can spend Mothers Day with my Mum and Dad.



Sara Hantz said...

I've jsut bought the latest Sophie Kinsella (paperback) can't wait to start reading it...... got to finish judging the Ritas first!!!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Sara! I don't think we'll get it in paperback until next year!! It looks like a great book though, hope you enjoy it too!

Barrie said...

I think I should forward this post to my dh. :)

frank said...

See we guys listen every now and again.
But ahhhh, do you listen to HIM! That's the important question.

Sally Lawton said...

Err, no comment Frank!!! Ha! :-)

Garcia said...

Err, no comment Frank!!! Ha! :-)

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