Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Boy Is For Turning...

I thoroughly enjoyed The Children's Hour at the Royal Exchange last night. A fantastic play, really well written and the actors were outstanding. I loved the first half, the second half was a bit slow and the ending didn't leave me feeling satisfied, but I think that was down to the acting and not the script (even though I've just said the actors were outstanding). The play is only on it's third night, so it might pick up pace as it goes on.
But I truly would recommend it to anyone.

Had a lovely night with my friend Christian, we're definitely going to make going to the theatre a regular thing, before he goes off on tour with another show.
I met Mr Sally and his friend in a pub after, where we talked about shows and plays. Mr Sally hates going to the theatre because he spends his whole time working in one. And so his friend and I have convinced him that he needs to watch plays and stop comparing everything to the huge musicals he gets at his theatre, which he hates.
This must have made him think a little as he's just announced he'll come to the theatre with me to watch ROAD next week. I was planning on going on my own tonight as he has to work, but I'm so chuffed he wants to come with me. We NEVER go to the theatre together.
A date at the theatre, gosh we'll be like a proper couple now!

Today, once I've written this - I've GOT to finish writing DOUBLE CLICK and then tomorrow I can revise it, and hopefully start planning the next one. Ideas are already swimming around my brain.

My mum has tonsillitis, so hope she gets better soon.

PS: If you were in my town last night and saw someone who LOOKED like me going in to the local kebab shop and walking out with some chips - it wasn't me. I must have a twin or something...
Carbs? Me? After 5pm? I don't think so!


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