Thursday, 6 March 2008


Ooo, I've just bought my tickets for tomorrow night's performance of THE CHILDRENS HOUR at the Royal Exchange theatre. My friend Christian really wanted to see it and it does look good, and you know me - never need an excuse for a night out at the theatre!
Even better, because this week is the preview week, we got our tickets for half price!

Other news, my course at Oldham Coliseum last night was great. We did more on styles of writing. I prefer naturalistic plays, but I am learning to like stylised writing too.

I was supposed to have rehearsals tonight for DOUBLE CLICK, but two cast members couldn't make it and so it was better to have a night off, means I can sort out the ending at home and on Tuesday the whole cast will meet and get handed the middle and end of the play!

Plans are in place for the other play and I've got four actors confirmed to do it. All of them brilliant - They've all been in my other plays and have remained good friends, so I'm delighted they can all do it. I just need to find two more girls and then it's sorted. I'm very excited though. I'll plot the play this weekend and hopefully start writing it next week.

So that's it for today, I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow!

Oh, Happy Birthday to my auntie Syl. The best auntie a girl could wish for x


Rebecca said...

Have fun at the play! Living in NYC, I really should get out to see more shows. I just never really know what to see and if I do, the tickets are sooo expensive.

The last play I saw was out of this world though. It was the Vanessa Redgrave one woman play of Joan Didion's book, The Year of Magical Thinking.

Sally Lawton said...

Ooo, I bet there are LOADS of great things to watch in NYC, but I agree about ticket prices. I have noticed here that the preview shows are always half price or reduced, maybe it's the same in NYC. But it's the best way to see loads of stuff and not have to worry you've wasted your money.

I've not heard of The Year of Magical Thinking. Great title though and I'll definitely look out for it :-)

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