Monday, 31 March 2008

Return Of The Guest...

I had such a bad night's sleep as Mr Sally was in work until 6:00am. I stayed in bed until 11:30am, which I never do. Anyway, Mr Sally was very, very tired - so I got up, showered, dressed and decided to make a Full English breakfast for him.
The sun was shining and so I opened the patio door, I was just turning the sausages over and something caught my eye. The little cat was back, sat in the kitchen, looking at me.
I gave him lots and lots of fuss. His coat was still matted and not shiny at all, I stroked him and could feel his ribs. So I gave him some tuna.
I called Mr Sally down because breakfast was ready, anyway whilst I was dishing it all out, Mr Sally was sat on the step stroking the cat. Next thing I know, Mr Sally is opening another tin of tuna for him.
We left him outside whilst we had our breakfast, and as I was clearing up, we left the patio door open a crack, just to let the air in.
The cat kept looking in, crying and miaowing - I tried to ignore him as he must belong to someone and so he shouldn't be encouraged.
Anyway, we were just sat down having a brew and all of a sudden he walked in to the living room. I have no idea how he squeezed through the gap in the door.
So I fussed him lots, he honestly just wanted love. I took him outside in the end and closed the door on him. He sat outside miaowing to come in, and it was heart breaking. He went away in the end.
I need to find out who he belongs to...

Had rehearsals tonight, the first one with Paul. Well it went very well. He's brought a new angle to the character and the play seems to work more because of it, so I'm thrilled. Everyone tried it off book tonight and I'm pleased to say they know their lines pretty well.
We've still got a long way to go, but I'm feeling a lot more positive after tonight.

Mr Sally has just called to say he's not working until 2:00am as planned, he should hopefully be home soon! Yey!


Sunday, 30 March 2008

Adele Parks

Well, I was supposed to be having a writing afternoon, but Adele Parks' 'Young Wives' Tales' kept catching the corner of my eye and I was desperate to keep on reading, and I've just finished it.

It's worth saying that this is the sequel to 'Playing Away,' which was the first of Adele's books I read, and subsequently became a HUGE fan of her writing.
It's been some years since I read 'Playing Away,' and it was lovely to catch up with old characters.

I loved this book, I honestly couldn't put it down. I recommend you get a copy straight away and I promise you'll absolutely love it!


OK, so I'm not really a poster designer - but sometimes when the funds are low, you just have to crack on and do things yourself.
Here is the 'work in progress' poster for my new play BATTERED EGOS!
I've done it all by myself and I really rather like it!!

The Hills Are Alive...

I've just been out for a lovely drive, past the hills to Bacup - to the theatre. Just for a run out and also to get some inspiration before I settle down to writing the play.
The sun was shining and it was so beautiful, I wanted to take some photos, but obviously I was driving...
Ooo, so I'm all inspired, I'm going to get cracking right away.

I have a rehearsal for DOUBLE CLICK tomorrow. The first one with Paul and I'm nervous because the clock is ticking and there really isn't long left until opening night and I feel a little bit queasy at the thought of it.

** Mr Sally is doing lots of strange hours this week, he's been getting in at 1:00am for the past couple of nights, and I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I'm slightly bored of my own company!!
He's doing a crazy split shift thing today. He was in at 10am, home at 2pm then back in at 11pm and working until around 6am!
I have lovingly prepared a hotpot in the slow cooker and I'm very thankful for Adele Parks' fab book... I'm almost at the end, can barley put it down and I know for sure it will be welcome company tonight! **

Saturday, 29 March 2008


With Mr Sally working all evening last night, I decided to brave the rain and drive to the Salford Arts Theatre. My play DOUBLE CLICK opens there in three weeks (deep breaths) and this week they have a fantastic play on.
The Summerlands, written & directed by Laurie Rea. It's Laurie's first play and it was brilliant.
He's not only a lovely bloke, he's a great writer too!

The play was a bit creepy, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I bumped in to many people at the theatre too, so it was nice to catch up with them and it was also nice to see a play being performed in the space I'm using soon.
My friend Jimmy was also in the cast, which I didn't know about until I read the programme before the play! It was nice to watch him play a different role.
I had a fab night.

Anyone in the Manchester area, looking for something to do tonight. Head down to the FAB Salford Arts Theatre and catch the last performance of Laurie's BRILLIANT play!
The performance starts at 8:00pm and tickets are a bargain at £5.

Vote Tara!

If anyone is watching I'd Do Anything. Andrew Lloyd Webber's hunt for Nancy and Oliver and you feel like having a vote. Please vote for Tara.

Tara and I went to young people's theatre when we were younger and she's lovely. I've seen her play the part of Nancy before now and she was brilliant.

Anyway, I'm thrilled she's got so far and wish her all the luck in the world.
I missed last weeks episode, so I watched it on BBC iplayer last night and did find myself shedding a little tear when she got through.
I don't usually vote for these things, but I'll definitely be picking up the phone for Tara tonight!

Friday, 28 March 2008


Everything went up in the air with my play again yesterday, when my friend Kerry who was replacing an actor who'd pulled out with whiplash, called and said she forgot, but she had a wedding on the Friday of the performance week and couldn't do the play after all.

Well, I just felt like packing the whole thing in. Then a FAB friend gave me a great idea, to turn the character in to a male and cast one of my closest friends and writing partner Paul Swaine.
I was stunned to silence, it was a FANTASTIC idea.
Paul naturally panicked, but I've sent him the script today and he's confirmed he'll do it!!
He didn't even have an excuse, because when he checked the calendar on his phone to see if he had any other plans, my play was keyed in as he was coming to watch it anyway!!

I'm really excited and think it will work. I've edited the script slightly and it's been emailed to every cast member.
We have a rehearsal on Monday and I can't wait!

Paul's Website
Paul's Blog

Little Miss Housewife!

Mr Sally had to get up at 3:30AM this morning as he had to start work at 6. I thought I'd do the decent thing and get up with him to make him a good sturdy breakfast as I know he wouldn't get a proper chance for food until later in the day and also because he's diabetic.
So he asked if I could make him two boiled eggs and make a bit of a toasted sandwich.

Bearing in mind, I've never been a big egg eater and he's a bit of an expert as he loves them...
This is a conversation you don't need to be having at 4AM

ME: Is there a special technique to peeling the shell off the egg?
MR SALLY: Have you never cooked an egg before?
ME: I never really ate them until I got with you and you usually cook them.
MR SALLY: Oh my God, are you telling me you don't know how to boil an egg?
ME: (Getting grumpy) YES, I've boiled the egg - I'm just asking if there is a special technique to peeling the shell off it.
MR SALLY: Just tap it and peel the shell off... I can't believe you've just asked me that.
ME: Oh for God's sake, I was just asking if there was a special technique - and don't you dare tell your friends I can't boil an egg.
MR SALLY: Wouldn't dream of it, grumpy pants.

GRUMPY? It was four in the bloomin morning!!!!

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Happy Birthday...

TO MY BABIES... Little Star & Crazy Cat - 6 Years old today!!!!!!!

I had to move house after splitting up with an ex, and I had to live right on a main road. So my auntie took them in and gave them a great life and now they are living with my mum and dad and have such a wonderful time.
My mum and dad even bought them a birthday present, it's some sort of an igloo!

A bless them, they're lovely cats. One sleeps a lot (Little Star) and one is very, very naughty! (Crazy Cat).

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Show WILL Go On...

Ever had one of those weeks? Well it has been a manic roller coaster here! I had two rehearsals planned this week, which were going to be quite in-depth as we've now finished blocking the whole thing, but I've had to cancel them both...

One of the actors has pulled out. She's been in a car accident and is suffering from whiplash.
Obviously, this news left me breathing in to paper bags late last night!

BUT - a fantastic actress Kerry Spillane has stepped in.
I've known Kerry since I was about 13/14 and Paul and I cast her in our joint play a couple of years ago.
She's brilliant, and in actual fact I've only recently cast her as the lead JANET in my next play BATTERED EGOS!
So I'm delighted to be working with her again, sooner than planned. And thank her so, so much for stepping in at such short notice.

The FAB Kerry!

Obviously, I want to thank Rian as well for all of her hard work over the past few weeks. And hope she gets better soon.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Reading & Eating!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter. Mr Sally and I went to Wales to my mum and dads on Sunday. My mum had a roast dinner ready and we had a lovely time. My mum's giving up cigarettes, which is a HUGE thing for her to do - as nobody's been able to convince her to quit in the past. I'm very proud of her, she's doing really well.

We had lots of chocolates yesterday and another roast dinner before we drove back to Manchester.

I went to see where my brother works as well. Basically he works at a 'pop in' centre and teaches people how to use computers. He's been given a new job and has helped decorate the new centre, it's so funky inside. Couldn't resist posting a couple of piccies!!!

My dad at the FUNKY pop in centre!

My brother Gav. There's a pool table behind him, funky sofas and a GIANT TV screen on the wall where people can come and play computer games for free!
What a great job he's got. There's a little coffee bar as well. It's brilliant, he's worked so hard to get it up and running.
Ooo, I managed to pick up my Adele Parks book 'Young Wives' Tales.' I basically started from the beginning again, as I've been so busy, I haven't had time to pick it up in AGES - which is no reflection on the book!
Anyway, I was hooked again from page one. I'm now on chapter 15 and honestly can't put it down!!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

My Dad the Joker!

I've been going through some old photos etc and found these two notes my dad wrote for me.
The first one is when my dad sent me a cheque for £75 a few years ago when I needed to get some glasses!!

The other note is for when I had been ill off school and had to take a note in for my teacher the next day. My dad had written two notes and one was a 'joke' note. I was in such a rush that morning, I grabbed the 'joke' note without looking at it and ran to catch my lift to school. My dad had to chase me down the road to give me the proper note!
I kept the note because it made me laugh so much, it basically tells my teacher I'd been off watching Take That videos and not been ill at all. He even signed it Mr Plonker!!

I'd say I definitely get my comedy skills from my dad!!

Friday, 21 March 2008

This n That!

Cat update, he went away soon after I fed him. Mr Sally was off work yesterday until early evening and was on cat watch. No sign of him. I must have called Mr Sally a million times from work asking if he'd come back. 'Sally, have you only phoned me because of the cat?'
'Err, yes.'
Well I've been worried. I'm guessing the cat has a home because the weather yesterday was almost storm-like, so if he was desperate, he'd have come back.
I keep checking the back garden today and still no sign. I'll keep you posted.

Last day of work yesterday for two weeks. I love being off from work, I can get on with writing etc - I've got so much to do.
Rehearsal went well last night. We have finished blocking the whole thing and now just need to get to the nitty gritty of each scene. It's looking good though.
Rehearsal finished at 6:30pm last night and I was meeting Mr Sally at the theatre at 10:00pm, so I decided to go to the gym!
The weather was so bad, and I forgot my brolly - by the time I crossed town to the gym I looked like a drowned rat.
Anyway, I went for a swim, where I had the whole pool to myself. Then I sat in the Spa for about half an hour. Then I went in to the sauna and then the steam room. It was lovely and relaxing and I was able to think about the plot of my next play etc.

Ooo, also my course went well on Wed. It was the last one of the term (it's gone so quickly), but we read out scenes of plays by some members of the group, which was great fun. I'll definitely be going back next term.

So that's pretty much all I've been up to. I'm going to start writing my new play today (I've spent so much time plotting it). The play has been re-titled BATTERED EGOS!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Unexpected Guest!

** Thought I'd post this piccy as this post talks about cats and err... well any excuse to post a David Tennant photo!!!! Phew! **

It's been a busy week. Monday night I met with my friend Paul, where again we managed to get very merry and gossip for a few hours. We have started planning our next project and hopefully we can meet next week to discuss it properly.

Yesterday after work I had a great rehearsal for the play. I was really stuck for a place to rehearse as the other place we use was booked, but a brilliant pub I used to do stand-up at came to the rescue and let us use their upstairs. It was quite a nice space, even if it got a bit spooky, we kept hearing tapping on the door and window and that horrible feeling of being watched. But the rehearsal was fab and we've almost finished blocking it.

Brendan O'Carroll and family are back at the theatre, so it's been lovely catching up with them all again. Such lovely, warm people. Had a few drinks after the show with some of them last night and I've not laughed so much in ages!

Today is my writing day. Well I've not done much writing as I got up a bit late - 9:10am - which is late for me. I had a bit of a bad dream and was woken up by Mr Sally calling me on my mobile as he'd just got to work. So I spent the first bit of the morning feeling a bit dazed.
Once up and ready, I watched Jeremy 'don't call me mate' Kyle, which always makes me feel better about life!
I had a little drive to Bacup and back, just to have a little run out. I love driving with the hills as a view. I did some shopping in ASDA, where amongst the essentials I picked up a lovely black and white polka dot cardi for £6!

Back home, I hung out the washing. Left the patio door open, was just making a brew and washing up the pots when I realised I had an unexpected visitor. A grey and white cat was sat in the house, looking a bit scared. I gave him a little stroke and he collapsed in to my arms. I've never known a cat to want so much love. He had a collar on and so he must have an owner, but his fur was all matted and he felt a bit thin. I am aware you can't steal someones cat - I once had a woman steal my cat and change his name from Little Star to Herman! We've got him back now and he's living a wonderful life with my mum and dad and is back to his original name!
Anyway, I made the cat go outside and closed the patio door. I went to the kitchen to continue with my jobs and every time I came out of the kitchen, there he was looking through the patio door, crying for me to come out.
I phoned my mum for some advice, because I can't bear animals to be unhappy/hungry etc - but she wasn't in, so I had to make my own decision and that was to give him a little bit of tuna and some water.
He devoured the tuna in seconds, so I gave him the rest of the tin and he licked the bowl clean, he even licked the floor in case he'd missed any. He then kept pressing his face up against the window to come in...
I haven't brought him in as I don't want to encourage someone's cat, even though it's killing me - but Mr Sally and I are on cat watch, and I'm going to ask around to see if anyone knows where he comes from.

I'm at the theatre tonight for my writing course, I think it's the last one of the term. It's gone so fast, but I have enjoyed it.

Monday, 17 March 2008

Ready - Steady...

Just in the library before work, just about to start another chaotic week!

After work tonight I'm meeting my friend Paul and we're hopefully going to plan our next project together... beer and gossip won't get in the way this time! (Hopefully!)
I'm struggling to find a rehearsal space for my play rehearsals, as the place I usually use is booked up, so hopefully I'll find somewhere else for free/mega cheap later today.

I break up from work for two weeks on Thu, which I'm very much looking forward to!
Hope everyone has a good Monday! :-)

Sunday, 16 March 2008

It's Back!


<---- Written by Ruth Jones and James Corden, (I love James!)

I hardly ever get excited about TV these days, there's hardly ever anything good on, just reality shows after reality shows... but tonight I'm very excited - it's the brand spanking new series of GAVIN AND STACEY!
You may remember back in July, Mr Sally and I watched the whole six episodes back to back.

Ooo, I think it's extremely well written, the performances are fab and it's sooo funny.
If you've never watched it and you have BB3 - tune in tonight!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Theatre Day...


Wednesday was quite a hectic day, I won't tell you about the disastrous morning I had... but I rushed to Manchester for 12:30pm and arrived at the Royal Exchange theatre - I was invited to a launch for their brand spanking new playwriting competition. For more info go to the website.

The launch was lovely, and the sip of champers went to my head slightly! It was nice to listen to the three winners of the last competition and the fantastic Brenda Blethyn gave a lovely speech and begged for more female playwrights to enter.

Mr Sally met me after the launch as he was on a half day and we had a nice afternoon at home. Then I went down to my local theatre for the second community meeting and I had to stand up and tell everyone about the play I'm writing etc. As I was put on the spot, I got very embarrassed and I'm sure I rambled a bit, but everyone was very nice, very supportive. It was really heartwarming seeing so many people committed to keep the theatre alive and now as well as the play I've signed myself up to the committee where I'll help choose the plays that get chosen to be performed etc.


Remember a post about Mr Sally suddenly deciding to take me to the theatre?
Well, that he did... we had our very first theatre date and it was BRILLIANT!

We went to the Bolton Octagon to watch a fantastic production of ROAD, by Jim Cartwright.
I turned to him in the interval, 'Are you enjoying it?'
'I don't get it.'
'What don't you get?' I asked, taking a deep breath.
'I don't get the link between all of the characters.'
'Mm, maybe it's just not my cup of tea.'
But then, the second half picked up pace, and guess what? Mr Sally loved it!

I'm planning many more theatre dates now!

I loved the play from start to finish :-)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Tonight was the night that I handed the final scenes of the play to the cast... and they loved it - phew!
I was so nervous before hand, even listening to them read it - I think it's because this one is as much their creation as mine and I wanted them to like the end product. Thankfully it went well. I managed to time it and I think it'll just be right.

Other news - I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow. I've been invited to the Royal Exchange Theatre for the launch of their new playwriting competition and then in the evening I'm at my local theatre for a community meeting. I think they'll be announcing my play, which thankfully I now have a title and synopsis. The title is:

It's set in a northern chippy about a girl with big dreams, being held back by her father. She's helped run the family chippy since her mother died and feels she owes it to her father to stay loyal to him and the family business, that is until her world is turned upside down.

Erm, that's it so far.

Speaking of chippy's - Mr Sally and I just decided to have a chippy tea as we were late getting home after work tonight. Now, either there's a shortage of potatoes or my friends have pre-warned the chippy I'm on the Weight Watchers diet - because I swear, I had no more than 10 chips in my barm... what is this world coming to?!

Sunday, 9 March 2008


Woo-hoo! I have just typed THE END on DOUBLE CLICK. I have a full play - finally!
I'm absolutely drained - but thrilled.

I'll revise it tomorrow with a fresh eye and see what the cast think on Tuesday. I have no idea of the timing - so hope it all fits together. I'll have a better idea on Tues.

Onwards with my next project now!
Ooo, and I'm definitely going to get stuck in to reading my book tonight.

So Close...

I worked and worked solidly on my play yesterday. Once Mr Sally left for work at 6pm, I switched the TV off and got lost in my writing. I stopped writing at midnight, and that was only because my eyes started flickering and my fingers were pressing the wrong keys!
I've almost finished writing DOUBLE CLICK - I'm happy with it, but will be even happier once I write 'The End.'
I've done some more today, and I'm extremely close to the end, so close that I got a bit nervous - so decided to make a brew and have a little time-out. I'll be back at it in a minute.

I've been so consumed by the process of writing this play that when I haven't been writing it, I've been thinking about it. So much so that I haven't been able to read any of Adele Parks' new book. I keep looking at the lovely cover. I'll be getting stuck in to it this week, that's for sure.
Facebook even sent me a message 'You've been reading this book for three weeks now, is that true?'
Yes, Facebook - thanks for reminding me. It's for no other reason except I've been so busy.

Hope everyone else is having a fun weekend... now back to the play!

Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Boy Is For Turning...

I thoroughly enjoyed The Children's Hour at the Royal Exchange last night. A fantastic play, really well written and the actors were outstanding. I loved the first half, the second half was a bit slow and the ending didn't leave me feeling satisfied, but I think that was down to the acting and not the script (even though I've just said the actors were outstanding). The play is only on it's third night, so it might pick up pace as it goes on.
But I truly would recommend it to anyone.

Had a lovely night with my friend Christian, we're definitely going to make going to the theatre a regular thing, before he goes off on tour with another show.
I met Mr Sally and his friend in a pub after, where we talked about shows and plays. Mr Sally hates going to the theatre because he spends his whole time working in one. And so his friend and I have convinced him that he needs to watch plays and stop comparing everything to the huge musicals he gets at his theatre, which he hates.
This must have made him think a little as he's just announced he'll come to the theatre with me to watch ROAD next week. I was planning on going on my own tonight as he has to work, but I'm so chuffed he wants to come with me. We NEVER go to the theatre together.
A date at the theatre, gosh we'll be like a proper couple now!

Today, once I've written this - I've GOT to finish writing DOUBLE CLICK and then tomorrow I can revise it, and hopefully start planning the next one. Ideas are already swimming around my brain.

My mum has tonsillitis, so hope she gets better soon.

PS: If you were in my town last night and saw someone who LOOKED like me going in to the local kebab shop and walking out with some chips - it wasn't me. I must have a twin or something...
Carbs? Me? After 5pm? I don't think so!

Thursday, 6 March 2008


Ooo, I've just bought my tickets for tomorrow night's performance of THE CHILDRENS HOUR at the Royal Exchange theatre. My friend Christian really wanted to see it and it does look good, and you know me - never need an excuse for a night out at the theatre!
Even better, because this week is the preview week, we got our tickets for half price!

Other news, my course at Oldham Coliseum last night was great. We did more on styles of writing. I prefer naturalistic plays, but I am learning to like stylised writing too.

I was supposed to have rehearsals tonight for DOUBLE CLICK, but two cast members couldn't make it and so it was better to have a night off, means I can sort out the ending at home and on Tuesday the whole cast will meet and get handed the middle and end of the play!

Plans are in place for the other play and I've got four actors confirmed to do it. All of them brilliant - They've all been in my other plays and have remained good friends, so I'm delighted they can all do it. I just need to find two more girls and then it's sorted. I'm very excited though. I'll plot the play this weekend and hopefully start writing it next week.

So that's it for today, I'm glad it's Friday tomorrow!

Oh, Happy Birthday to my auntie Syl. The best auntie a girl could wish for x

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Green Light!

I've just come from a meeting with two people from my local theatre 'Royal Court Theatre, Bacup,' and they have just confirmed that they would definitely like me to write and produce a play for them. I'm delighted.
I've got some ideas in my head and I've been given a few more today, I'm trying to set it locally so that it means more to the community, we'll see.

I've got my playwriting group tonight, so I may be inspired later - you never know.

Last night was great, I caught up with two friends. Firstly Christian, who I haven't had a gossip with properly for ages. He's offered to help out with my play, which will be lovely and we're off to watch a play together on Friday - can't wait.

My other friend Paul, who I sometimes co-write things with met me in a pub next to the theatre. We didn't stop talking for three solid hours and he managed to get me drunk. Anyway, we're planning on co-writing something together very soon (he's the only person I'd co-write with as we have a great solid relationship and we work ever so well together!) I was so drunk that I never put any firm plans in place, so hopefully we'll meet next week and have a COFFEE and plan some things.

So it's all a bit creative at the moment. I'm still waiting to hear from my agent about my book, so fingers crossed I hear soon.

And you wouldn't believe the cheek of some people, I guess it comes with this business - but I'm shocked at the people 'not friends' who crawl out of the woodwork the minute news gets around that you're doing something positive with your life and for once the five solid years of hard work, finally seem to be paying off, and they just appear and expect an easy ride...
Unbelievable. But this past year especially I've learnt to be protective about my work and I've stopped trusting everyone, I'm being a lot firmer too. I've worked too hard for this.

Sorry to vent, just some people have made me mad this week!

PS: I've only gone and managed to put on another pound??? Mr Sally is hiring a crane as we speak!

Monday, 3 March 2008


My weekend went by in a bit of a blur. Mr Sally didn't finish work until midnight on Saturday and drove straight home to pick me up. We threw everything in to the car and headed to Wales.

We arrived at my mum and dad's around 2:30am - bless them, they waited up. It was a bit like 'Hello, goodnight.'

My cat woke me up at 6:30am - then again at 8:30am.

My mum had a nice Mother's Day. We got her some perfume, a jumper, a cute mug and some flowers and my brother treated us all to and Indian take-away.
The day went so fast, but it was lovely and I didn't want to leave to come home.

This morning I was very tired, but dragged myself to work. In work I sent my friend a text message (she was sat behind me) saying I wish I had enough money to quit. She texted back telling me not to dare leave. I said, 'Come with me - like Jerry Maguire.' She said she would, but I'd have to pay her a wage... damn, looks like I'm staying where I am for a while!

I almost ran to rehearsals tonight. The cast seemed quite quiet when I arrived, but they soon perked up and the rehearsal was bloomin marvellous. They want to take the play on tour, so erm, I'm looking in to it. Coming soon to a living room near you!!
Seriously though, I definitely want it to go on to other venues and maybe even do Buxton Festival? Keep you posted on DOUBLE CLICK the TOUR! (What a lovely thought).

Tomorrow after work is going to be fun. I'm meeting with a lovely friend Christian. He and I used to be theatre dressers together, we haven't worked on a show together for ages. He went on tour with Cats and I haven't dressed for ages, so it'll be so lovely to have a catch up.

Then I'm meeting my friend Paul. We co-write sometimes and are best mates... even though I haven't seen him since NOVEMBER! We speak on the phone all the time, but planning to meet up has been a disaster, so I'm very much looking forward to seeing him.

Gosh, I'm rambling, sorry.

Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my best friend Leah!!! She's two months older than me, so I get to laugh at her being 28 and I get to milk being younger until the month of May, when it hits me like a sack of spuds! x

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Saving Local Theatre

My local community theatre is up the road from my house. The children I used to teach used to put on little shows there, and it's such a lovely theatre.
The place has no funding and all the staff work for free. I went on the website last night to see if there was anything I could go and watch tonight, seeing as I'm home alone. I was shocked that the theatre is close to closing down. The website said they had a huge community meeting the other week, which I'm sorry I missed, where they discussed ways to keep it from closing. They were begging people to help.
So last night I sent them an email, offering to write and produce a play for them, for free. I said I didn't want anything from the ticket sales, I just wanted to do my bit.
The guy that runs the theatre called me first thing this morning, said my email came at the right time as they are desperate to put a play on in July, after the locals perform Full Monty the musical! and were wondering how or where they could get a play, cast etc...

So I'm hired. They've asked if I can write a good old Northern play and they'll support me as much as possible. They want it on in July, I just need to meet with them to discuss it in more depth, so hopefully I'll see them next week.

I think community theatre is so important. It's so expensive to go to the big theatre's lately and community theatre's are great for not only cost, but for letting writers, actors etc experiment.
I'm very much looking forward to my new project.
I'll of course keep you posted and give you the link to the website once they have their new one up and running...

Dedicated to Barrie...

This post is dedicated to the lovely Barrie Summy, who asked me what a 'Jammie Dodger' was...

The most beautiful biscuit in the world!!

St David's Day!

Happy St David's Day to all my Welsh friends.

As I grew up in Wales I have many fond memories of sticking a daffodil to my jumper for school. The girls wore daffodils and the boys wore leeks on their jumpers!

We'd spend the day chopping veg, making a mountain of leek soup and preparing for the concert that evening. Where the parents would eat the soup and listen to us sing Welsh songs.

Buy Me Some Books Boy...

OK, I didn't really speak to Mr Sally in such a strange/rude fashion. But he just called from work to say he was on a break from the theatre having a nosey round the shops with his friend (who I know loves books).
'If you happen to see any books on your travels, think of me.'
'As always,' he said.
I was only being half serious.

Ten minutes later he called me and I just heard him saying to someone in a shop, 'Thanks for your help.'
'What help?' That was me.
'Just in Waterstone's and just got the girl to point out where the chick lit books are.'

Ah, bless him. He's picked up the words chick lit from somewhere, very cute.

'Have you heard of Freya North?'
'Of course I have heard of her.'
'I don't know, do I?'
'OK. Why?'
'Have you got her book Pillow Talk?'
'No, but I'd like it.'
'Sally, I don't really know what I'm looking at. I'm in some Chick Lit Mum section.'
'What's on the three for two tables?'

And bless his little cotton socks, he went round the entire table - saying 'Have you got this? Have you got that?'
And a lot of the times I think Mr Sally doesn't listen to me. But he said, 'Ooo, have you got Sophie Kinsella's latest book?'
'No, I'd really like it though?'
'It's hardback?'

See, he even knows how much I hate buying hardback books.

Ah, so I have no idea what selection he chose. I just gave him a lot of yes/no answers to his suggestions. But he's just been awarded one hundred brownie points for making me realise he does actually listen and he's very sweet and thoughtful.

And not only that. After he finishes work at midnight tonight, he's coming home to pick me up to drive us to Wales so that we can spend Mothers Day with my Mum and Dad.



The lovely Alyssa Goodnight has tagged me - here goes!

The Rules
1/ you link back to the person who tagged you.
2/ post these rules on your blog.
3/ share six unimportant things about yourself.
4/ tag six random people at the end of your entry.
5/ let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blogs.

6 Unimportant things about myself... Wowee, this is tough!
1: I hate people with bad manners. People who don't say please or thank you. People who spit in the street, and the worst one that bugs me - people who don't put their hands over their mouths when they yawn??!! I don't know why it bugs me so much, but it does!

2: I'm completely anal about my desk at work, people call me anal and I admit I am. I can't bear for pens/ post-it notes to be taken off my desk. The worst thing that gets me is if work from someone else's desk comes over on to mine.... told you I was anal!

3: I'm not very good at conflict. If people upset/annoy me - it takes me ages to tell them. What I usually do is store up every annoying moment, until a few months down the line when I just pop and say things I might regret - making the situation worse!

4: I don't cook... much. Mr Sally does most of the cooking in our house and I do the washing up! It's not that I don't like cooking, I'm always busy writing etc after work. OK that's a bad excuse. My friend has just learnt me some cook books though, so I do intend to get better. ** please note, if I am home and Mr Sally is working, then I do cook him a good hearty - if a little burnt meal for when he gets home! **

5: I watch Soccer AM on a Saturday morning. I hate football, can't bear it even - but Soccer AM is extremely funny.

6: I have a secret (OK not so secret now) crush on Simon Cowell! I don't know what it is, but something about him makes my heart flutter a little bit... don't tell anyone - shhh!

OK, now I've got to tag 6 people, but I really hate doing it. So if you want to do the six list - please do so!!!

I quite enjoyed that!
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