Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Who's Line Is It Anyway?!

What a bloomin brilliant day.

I drove in with Mr Sally this morning so that I could go swimming at my gym, do some Valentine's shopping, go to the library and then off to rehearsals!

I can't believe how well today went. From past plays I've done, you cast people, they seem lovely, then they mess you around with availabiliy, then when you move heaven and earth to work around them, on the eleventh hour they pull out because they have decided it clashes too much with their glass collecting job and you're back to square one trying to re-cast.
You audition them, they seem lovely and grounded as well as talented, you cast them and they walk in to rehearsals with the biggest chip on their shoulders and the whole process stops being fun, fun, fun and all about them, them, them! *

'I can't work with any more divas,' I said to Mr Sally this morning.
'You said they all seemed nice.'
'They do, but they always do.'

Anyway, with a deep breath I walked in to rehearsals this afternoon and it was brilliant, just brilliant.
Everyone seemed enthusiastic and excited and more importantly willing to work hard. They gelled as a cast very quickly, perhaps because I made them do loads of silly improv games, but every singe one of them got stuck in to it.
They all did their homework and came prepared with their invented characters. And after three hours work, it was lovely to watch the characters develop before our very eyes.

I filmed lots of scenes to help keep things fresh in my mind, but I have the play in my head now, I can finally start writing the thing.

Characters Include:
- A sex addict
- A guy who reads the news on local TV and can't stop talking in his TV voice (which is so funny)!
- A wannabe WAG!
- A 30 year old fan dancer! (She dances with fans and is very old fashioned)!
- A girl who's in her 20's who acts like she's a teenager!
- A man who runs a self help group, but has no confidence himself!
- And a man who works on the trolleys on trains, and strings all his sentences together without taking a breath!

So as you can see, very disfunctional.

It's going to be set in a self-help group for Internet Addicts!
And that's all I can say at the moment, because I don't know anymore.

Much, much writing to do between now and the next rehearsal on Tuesday!

* If you are a past cast member, don't stress. No my darling, I'm not talking about you. For you were wonderful, truly wonderful.


Barrie said...

Glad rehearsal went well today for you. What is a WAG? Your play sounds very, very interesting!

frank said...

If you ever need to typecast a 50 year old that acts like a teen, then I'm your guy!

Actually I don't act like a teen, I act about 26ish... but not older!

Your characters sound interesting.... if the actors can pull off your vision then you have succeeded!

PS. I'm trying to go to a film school this summer... imagine a 50 year old in class. Maybe I should write a film about my life... it'd be a hoot.

Sara Hantz said...

Sounds hilarious! Good luck.

Rebecca said...

What a fun idea for a play. And, i am so glad to hear that the rehearsal went well!

Phillipa said...

Hi Sally,

Glad it 's all going well. Can you email me through my site?

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Barrie. A WAG is a term used a lot over here for girls who are either wives or girlfriends of footballers. I think it started with the world cup or something, all these glam ladies were supporting their men and I think a newspaper wrote it as a joke - instead of saying 'Wives and Girlfriends, but it's stuck!
A lot of girls seem to aspire to be a WAG as it's seen to be quite glam!!! :)

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Frank. Thanks for the offer and I'll definitely consider you for the next project!! :)
Hey, that's great about film school. And there's nothing wrong with going to school at 50. Over here there's always a huge mix of people studying and mixed ages - it's never too late! You should definitely do it :)

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks for your nice comments Rebecca, Sara and Phillipa!
Phillipa, I'll email you now! :)

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