Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I haven't blogged in a few days, as I've just been a bit busy.
Rehearsals for the play the other night were a bit of a disaster, three members of the cast couldn't make it. Two were ill and one had some family things to do. One member of the company got lost in the building and as she doesn't have a mobile, we didn't find her until we were in the car park getting ready to leave!
I've managed to book the Taurus bar for today, instead of dragging everyone to Salford. It means we can also rehearse earlier - so hopefully I'll have a full cast at 4pm today.
The cast members that did manage to make rehearsals liked the twist in the play when I explained it to them, and hopefully the rest will like it when I tell them later.

Posters have been delivered to the theatre and I'm busy promoting it as much as I possibly can.
Hopefully I'll make enough money on this, so I can put it in to the next one and just build until I'm at a stage where I can pay actors... that's the dream anyway!

Erm, other news - well I had my weigh in at Boots yesterday. I HAVE PUT ON WEIGHT!!? I must be the only person in the entire world that can go on a diet and put on weight! I've totally had enough. Mr Sally is sick of me looking Weight Watchers food in Tesco's - I'm sick of it too.
So I'm just going to eat healthy, eat what I want and EXERCISE more!
I swear the only snacks I had last week were - one biscuit when I met the lovely author Phillipa Ashley for a cup of tea on Friday morning.
I had a couple of biscuits on the weekend and fine, I snapped on Monday and had a small chocolate muffin, handful of Pringle's and two jammy dodgers - but I HAVE DONE MY BEST!!!

Also, how expensive is printer ink? My goodness, it seems to be the one thing in the world that never comes down in price. I've just had to buy a black cartridge and a colour one - I could have bought a whole new printer cheaper - it doesn't make sense??!!


liz fenwick said...

So pleased the cast that were liked the twist.

Dieting just isn't fair!

Isn't Phillipa wonderful :-)

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Liz,
I'm pleased too. I know, dieting is RUBBISH! And I agree, Phillipa is lovely.
Hope you're well x

Rebecca said...

blah - diieting sucks. Focus on eating fruits and veggies and getting work outs in. Good luck!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Rebecca. Yes... yes - fruit and veggies, definitely and I'm honestly not typing this with a mouth full of apple pie!

Barrie said...

What are jammy dodgers?

Glad to hear everyone likes the twist. I only wish I could see the play.

Can you refill your ink cartridges? Or is there a place that does it for you. We have one in our mall. You drop off your empty cartridge, shop for a bit (or perhaps indulge in a jammy dodger!), then pick up your refilled-for-less-than-half-the-cost-of-a-new-one ink cartridge.

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Barrie,
Someone else mentioned re-filling my ink cartridges. I'm definitely going to look in to it.

Jammy Dodgers are a very beautiful biscuit. They are shaped in a circle and have jam in the middle. I'm going to find a picture to post for you!

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