Saturday, 9 February 2008

Send & Delete!

It's been a nice day today, Mr Sally and I went for a really nice walk.

I've been clearing out my computer too. I've got loads of photos on it and so I've just set myself up with a Flickr account.
I've added them to the account and then deleted them off the computer, it's been quite good fun looking back at old memories.

If you want to have a look at photos of my plays, comedy sketches or my family and friends then feel free to check out my FLICKR account!


booklady said...

It must have been a relief to do that project! It sounds like it would have been quite tedious, but how fun to be able to share all those photos with everyone now! Mine are in such disarray; I need to do something similar.

Sally Lawton said...

:) Half way through I just wanted to give up, especially when my computer froze!
Nothing like a good spring clean though!

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