Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Rehearsals start tomorrow for my play and I'm getting excited, even though I still get waves of nerves hoping I can actually pull this thing off!

The place I'll be using to rehearse is brilliant. Manchester has a very famous street, no not Coronation Street, we also have Canal Street aka The Gay Village. It's a row of gay bars along the canal.
Not only is it lovely and friendly down there, but nothing quite beats sitting outside on a sunny day with a drink.

At the bottom end of the row is a bar called Taurus Bar, it's well known because the downstairs room has been changed in to a theatre space. They offer the space for free, which is great for people like me who don't have much of a budget.
The space has been used as a theatre space, but also as a rehearsal space. They could charge people to use it, even now when it's so well known and so popular, they still don't charge. All you do is ask at the bar if you can use the room, they get the diary out and if the slot's free they write you in.
I've seen some great plays there and I've used it to hold my all of my auditions.

It's a lovely bar, with comfy sofas. I've found myself sat in there on many a rainy afternoon doing some writing. The staff are great too.
So tomorrow 2pm-5pm I'll be there doing my big improv workshop with my brand spanking new cast!!



frank said...

I love new casts. They're fresh and white and just beg to be written on.. oh.. you mean not those kind.

Your side of the big pond seems so much better than ours over here. Maybe I'll hop on a boat and defect.

liz fenwick said...

Sounds a fabulous place. Good luck with the rehersals :-)

Lucy Diamond said...

Oooh - just read this and realised it must be happening right now! Hope all is going well and you don't have any divas in the cast!

Sally Lawton said...

Hi Frank, your message made me smile!!

Thanks for the good luck wishes Liz :)

Hi Lucy, thanks for your nice wishes too. I'm on constant diva watch, and thankfully none to report as of yet!! :)

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