Sunday, 17 February 2008


I don't mind admitting that I woke up in a bit of a fluster this morning. My whole day yesterday was spent sorting out a poster, making a brand spanking new website for TSL Productions my production company and promoting my play on Facebook - if you have a Facebook account - you can find me under Sally Lawton and please join my group TSL Productions.

So the promotion was going to plan, just a shame I didn't have any kind of a play!

'Why are you listening to Phill Collins?' Mr Sally asked me last night.
'I'm looking for inspiration.'

I awoke this morning feeling a bit sick, but Phill was still ringing in my ears. I just needed a starting point and knew once I had one I'd be fine.
Of course I'm also aware that the theatre may also attract kids/adults that don't go to the theatre that often and the opening like anything is mega important.

So how have I started it?
Phill Collins 'In The Air Tonight' plays as the lights go up and we watch one of the characters prepare the room for the self-help group.
The song is perfect for what I want the play to be about. It's also a great way to introduce one of the most mixed-up characters I've ever written about.
I also had fun watching back the filming I did of the improv workshop the other day with the cast.
I got completely stuck in to it and I've written and written all day. I have six pages - the opening. It's funny, confusing and finally I know where it's going and which journey each of the characters are going to embark upon. But you know what it's like with stong minded characters - it could all change by tomorrow.

At least I'll sleep well tonight - thanks Phill!


liz fenwick said...

Fascinating to read you about your creative process. Good luck with the rest now!

Sally Lawton said...

Thanks Liz, that's really nice of you :)

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