Monday, 4 February 2008

Ouch! (This is probably going to be a long one!)

Day One of the whole new me...

My new heels were quite hard to walk in. 'You look nice,' Mr Sally smiled this morning. 'But you don't look very comfortable.'
'I'm fine,' I said, sneeking a pair of pumps in to my bag.
Once I left Mr Sally at the theatre, off I trotted to work and let me tell you - the streets of Manchester are not exactly 'woman friendly.' What with the pot holes, sloping pavements and COBBLES, it was a very unstable walk. A man on crutches actually OVER-TOOK me!

Of course the girls at work admired my heels, I always wear pumps, uggs - anything for comfort as I'm always rushing about.
I took my heels off the minute I sat at my desk and put my pumps on, much better.

My boss actually asked me if I was having an affair! I obviously never make an effort in work, ever! Ha!

My friends convinced me at the end of the day to put my heels back on before I left. So I did, and I slowly walked up to the shops until I could bear it no more. I walked in to Oxfam and said to the girl behind the counter. 'Hello, I'm wearing heels.'
'Lovely,' she grinned at me like I was a bit 'special.'
'They're killing me. Would you mind if I just swapped them for the pumps in my bag? Only, I don't want you looking at me stuffing a pair of shoes in to my bag thinking I'm a theif.'
She laughed and let me change my shoes.
'Where are your heels?' Mr Sally asked when I met him outside the gym.
'Don't ask!'

So, then I went to the gym. Except the work out I got was not what I hoped.
The receptionist gave me a padlock for my locker as I didn't have mine. I put my things in to my locker as I needed the loo. I came back to the locer and couldn't open it.
I stood there for about ten minutes trying to open it and it wouldn't budge. A girl tried to help me and she couldn't open it either.
So I had to go to reception, they sent a butch woman back to the changing rooms with me with some bolt cutters. (I felt so stupid.)
Anyway, she actually managed to open my locker without having to use the bolt cutters!
Then I got changed, did something with my padlock again and couldn't open it. I felt close to tears and was very close to putting my clothes back on and waiting for Mr Sally in McDonalds, but finally it opened.
I had a relaxing (ish) swim and I had some spa time with Mr Sally.

Oh what fun!

** sorry for any spelling, punctuation errors on this blog. I'm writing it very quickly as I want to read my book for a bit and chill out with Mr Sally! **


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